Candid & the Orthodontist-Directed, At-Home Revolution

Convenience, affordability, and expanded access to quality healthcare

We’ve all experienced the transition from traditional in-store shopping to eCommerce. Every major retailer now has a website. Realize you’re running out of toilet paper? A new pack is only a click away.

While Amazon might be the eCommerce behemoth, several relative newcomers have been pushing the frontier of direct-to-consumer retailing by using new distribution models in sleepy industries. In the mattress industry (sleepy indeed), Casper and a host of other companies have proven that a great night’s sleep can be purchased from your bedroom. Hubble and Simple Contacts have made it remarkably easy and inexpensive to get your daily contact lenses. In addition to providing fashionable and affordable eye-wear, Warby Parker is embracing telemedicine, recently releasing an app to check your eyeglass prescription without a trip to the optometrist. The list is still growing: companies like Nurx, Curology, Heal, and Doctor on Demand are bringing convenient, quality healthcare to consumers.

Why should your smile be left out? Orthodontic technology has progressed dramatically over the past 20 years, but it’s still only available in a doctor’s office. And while Amazon has made buying toilet paper more convenient than driving to the grocery store, many people simply don’t have access to quality orthodontic care, let alone options that fit their budget and lifestyle.

We get it. We understand your desire for straighter, whiter teeth. And we totally understand all the factors that have gotten in the way. Access to an orthodontist, the monthly in-office visits, the waiting rooms, not to mention your money going to pay the rent for that waiting room. But now it’s time to cut the excuses. We give you the smile you love with a few clicks of your mouse, a single transparent fee, and lots of extra time for those Candid moments.