Straight and Bright: The Teeth of Your Dreams

Our whitening solution whitens teeth and spiffs up your aligners

Whitening: The long & short of it

Whiter teeth are no longer a dream — a $1,000 dream requiring in-office visits (we’ve already talked about this ridiculous hassle. Ain’t nobody got time for that!). At-home solutions are taking over the market and successfully putting the white back into our pearlies. We’re already straightening your teeth at home — just let us finish the job.

Candid Whitener Solution

Here at Candid — we’re your full-service smile solution. Not convinced yet? How about this: We include a free whitening kit with your Candid aligner purchase. Straighter, whiter teeth for one price? Yes — you heard us!

Every Candid Maker Kit includes 2 months of whitening solution that cleans and whitens your teeth — AND YOUR ALIGNERS TOO! Lazy people rejoice! Just put one pump of the foaming solution into each aligner, spreading it evenly throughout the tray. Then pop your aligners back in, spit out the excess foam, and you’re good to go.

Our whitening solution gradually whitens teeth without tooth sensitivity. Hittin’ that red wine too hard? You can use our whitener up to 4 times a day to bring those wine-stained teeth back to white.

Better yet — you can use this same solution to clean your aligners, too! No soaking, no scrubbing, and no warping the shape of your beloved aligners (because — shape is everything here!). The foaming whitening solution gets into all the nooks and crannies. Just give your aligners a gentle rub and voila! Whitening while you straighten. Straightening while you clean.

Sensing a pattern here? Straighter, whiter, cleaner teeth. No muss, no fuss. Just invisible goodness. Candid’s got your back, err…mouth?