About Candidit

D.M. Nichols
Jul 26, 2019 · 2 min read

We’re powering the future of work.

Finding a job and finding good, qualified candidates is a miserable, manual experience that hasn’t improved in generations. Candidit was founded to address the resulting inequities, bias and confusion that dominate today’s employment and education marketplace.

Our Mission

We are changing the way the world works by improving coordination and communication between candidates, colleges and companies to reduce bias, simplify career and candidate selection, and eliminate confusion and waste throughout the employment process.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the countless individuals who strive against all odds, who make willing sacrifices for the benefit of others, and who do not allow disability or inequity to stop them from making their mark on the world.

Our Vision

We envision a future without bias in recruiting and a clear path to any career by solving the realities of today to make way for the unknown possibilities of tomorrow.

Our Promise

We reduce pain in the application process. We account for the unique experience of each individual. We build on verified career information. We eliminate bias wherever it is found.

Our Services

Candidit is the next evolution of recruitment process outsourcing. We offer a flexible array of services that combine high tech with high touch to deliver a unique and powerful experience for every applicant considering work with your organization.

From sourcing to process concierge to FiT analysis and credential management, Candidit’s technology core allows us to rapidly adapt and deploy to meet your needs in demand.

Our Technology

Over 30,000 + Competencies mapped in a proprietary skill-vector matrix. This creates a common language for work that goes beyond mere word2vec analysis, paving the way for our Candidit machine learning framework.

One-click technology allows Candidits to upload verifying documentation like transcripts for our algorithms to automatically generate a competency profile and match to available jobs and courses.

Global automated scalability. We leverage best-of-breed cloud technology to ensure uptime and scalability to exceed your expectations as your recruiting needs change throughout the year.

Rapid deployment, fully customizable, brand-safe and mobile first technology ensures that you provide the best experience in building your integrated talent pipeline.


Changing the way the world works

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