Recruiting Process Augmentation

Daniel Nichols
Jul 26 · 2 min read

Many Individuals have the ability to perform tasks in different ways and with different tools than what may be expected in a job description. In a data set … this makes them an outlier. Inclusion initiatives most often fail because existing processes do not account for outliers.

The result: missed hiring opportunities, poor applicant experiences and limited success in inclusion efforts is the norm

The solution: organizations need high tech, high touch partners that can augment their existing efforts in a brand safe way that delivers results.

We built Candidit as a high-tech, high-touch augmentation team for your inclusion recruiting initiatives.

Candidit™ Ecosystem

The promised transformative power of applicant tracking systems has never materialized. Instead, recruiting teams have complicated systems that at best manage hiring compliance and candidate scheduling, and typically not well.

Our technology FiTs every applicant to every job so that you never miss a great hire. We can also provide skill, competency, certification and background check verification and management. We can provide your team with a responsive containerized scalable and customized solution in very little time, all powered by our proprietary competency mapping intelligence.

Candidit™ Experience

Recruiting teams cannot possibly deliver a great recruiting experience for every applicant, nor can they possibly screen every resume or compare applicants to more than the jobs for which they have applied.

Our omni-channel concierge support for Candidits during the application process and after delivers an unrivaled recruiting experience for your brand. High tech and high touch is what is required in a competitive recruiting marketplace. That is what we deliver.

Every Candidit receives both FiT and Matching analysis for every job. They are also provided with career tools like a resume builder, and competency planner to help chart their path to a career they will love.

Let us handle the tough or the tedious. Candidit™ is built to augment your team by combing through mounds of data and managing complex processes on your behalf.

Candidit™ Exchange

Eliminate the inefficiencies of the existing talent marketplace. As you and other employers build a shared talent exchange, you will gain greater insight into the actual talent supply

Candidits you do not select can be exchanged for better qualified or better FiT Candidits in our growing Candidit™ Exchange Network. This benefits you as a company and the individual that is introduced and matched to jobs from all of the companies participating in the exchange. The Candidit™ Exchange is what a job board was meant to be.


Changing the way the world works

Daniel Nichols

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Changing the way the world works

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