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6 Things My Kids Need To See Me Doing.

They say practice what you preach, but as a parent, we know that is not always how things go. I’ve been caught drinking from the OJ container, leaving my laundry on the floor, and yelling through the house; All things in which I ask my kids not to do. Just telling your kids what to and not to do doesn’t work all the time; sometimes they need to see behaviors set as an example for them to follow. There are a few things, in particular, I make sure that my little ones see me doing ALWAYS!

Showing love to their father.

For the record, I’m in no way telling anyone to have a full on make-out session in front of the kids. I don’t believe that hiding PDA is necessary when the kids are around; actually, I believe just the opposite, but keep it PG-rated! They will cover their eyes, and ears and tell you how gross you are but they are learning to show affection and what a healthy relationship looks like. Showing affection to my husband around the house and even while we are out and about shows our little ones that we love, care, and respect each other. Mommy and Daddy are happy together, why hide it?


Although this sounds counterintuitive I make it a point to make sure my kids understand that every game will not be a win. When they do fail, they need to know how to do it gracefully, pick back up and continue on toward success. The things that mean the most don’t always come easy so it’s best if they know how to fight and fight hard even after a loss. Learning to loose can be hard especially in a society that often teaches an “everyone gets a trophy” mindset. Perseverance is a choice learned over time and encourages the capacity to work hard. It’s okay to fail sometimes if you keep working with a mindset for success.

Doing what I love.

There are so many interests that I have and after having children I swore not to forget about all of the things that I wanted to try, and all of the things that I enjoyed doing before having kids. While it gets hard from time to time I make sure to continue to do the things that I love. I will even incorporate the kiddos when I can to introduce them to activities mommy likes outside of the normal things they see me doing on a daily basis. Laundry, dinner, and butt wiping are not included on the hobby list. Doing what I love can also encourage my littles to learn what they love as well as find things they are good at.


I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer changes things, changes people and keeps us connected to God. Although I’m not in church every Sunday, I am working to see that my children know God and have a strong relationship with him. I believe that this all starts with prayer. By talking to God he will give us the wisdom, strength, and understand if only we ask him. When we pray, our relationship with him grows; I would never want my kids to miss out on that.

Letting loose.

I’ll admit I can be stiff as a mom. Wanting homework to be done on time, [attempting] to keep the house and our lives in order while the people that live in the house with me help me keep it that way. Trying to make the tiny humans eat veggies for dinner. But sometimes you have to let loose. Have cereal for dinner, spend Sunday watching movies rather than cleaning. Letting go of what’s supposed to be happening and enjoying what is going on; the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly.

Staying healthy.

Being intentional about maintaining my health is important for my littles to see so they actively learn and put into practice those skills themselves. Making smart eating choices, staying active, and taking the steps to seek preventative care are all a part of staying healthy. When they see mommy do it, it’s a little easier to convince them to do so too! Passing healthy habits to my tiny humans is a responsibility I take extremely serious since I know the choices they make today can become lifelong habits.

Are you practicing what you preach? What are some of the things you make sure your little ones see you doing?

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