How to Intentionally Use Instagram’s New Gallery Feature

At this point you either love or hate all of the new features that Instagram has been rolling out over the past few months. Although the majority of them are not new to social media, Instagram has managed to incorporate it’s users favorite features from across social media and maintain a clean and simple sharing experience. While some feel that it just keeps getting better, many of it’s 600 million monthly users believe that Instagram is straying too far away from the beautiful simplicity it offered when it started six years ago. Remember those low-res, square images with only a few filters to choose from; those constraints made it awesome, and challenged so many of us to get creative and push boundaries.

Yesterday, Instagram released a controversial new feature that can possibly change the way we use the app. The new gallery format opens up an entirely new way of sharing that we haven’t really been able to do outside of Instagram Stories and Snapchat. With this feature you can now upload up to 10 photos/video in one post and your viewers can swipe through a tidy horizontal gallery that holds each piece of your story.

This new gallery feature is just another way to share a more full experience and opens up a world of opportunities for brands and influencers to share in a way they have yet to be able to do on this platform.

Image via Instagram

For branding your post’s should always serve one of these purposes; connection, collaboration, creation, education or inspiration. The gallery of images should tell a consistent story in style, quality, color, etc. Having the opportunity to add multiple images allows us the freedom to build a better connection with our audience and tell a much deeper story than we have been able to before.

@blogali via Instagram with the perfect less is more example using 3 of the 10 available frames in the gallery.

As always, your posts should be put together with thought and intention. These are some ways to make use of the new galllery feature to best showcase your brand and tell your story in a meaningful way.

  • Showcase a flurry of moments in a tidy gallery format. Take your views on the story of an event, vacation, or some other special moment without spamming your audiences timeline. They’ll thank you later.
  • Share a Top 10. Couldn’t be simpler. The ideas for this are endless!
  • Mini-tutorials. Step-by-step instructions. Walk through a process, a recipe, or get creative with before & afters.
  • Richer, more cohesive storytelling. Use this opportunity delve deeper into your visual story. Some stories are multi-dimensional and can’t be told with one image. More frames allows you to further engage your followers.
  • Show more perspective. Highlight multiple features, details, selling points, or even sneak peek behind-the-scenes. Extra frames allow you to share more than hou could before.
  • Create a larger canvas. Utilize multiple frames to present one large image or panoramic image.
@deunivory via Instagram with 5 beautiful frames giving details that 1 frame couldn’t do alone.

Each frame should fit in seamlessly with the next, and the story, context and goal of each image should be cohesive. Let me not forget to mention that in many cases, less is more; galleries are not made for every post. Moderation is key. Even a good thing can become ineffective if it’s used in excess.

“Even a good thing can become ineffective if it’s used in excess.”

To upload multiple pieces of content at once, you will see a new icon in the photo upload area, and from there you can tap and hold to change the order, apply a filter at once to everything or go one by one to customize each picture or video. You can choose your order, add a single caption and location, and tag friends in each individual photo. And if you were wondering, likes and comments will apply to the whole post. On your profile grid view an icon in the corner of the post will let your audience know which individual post has multiple images to view.

Instagram product manager Yichen Wang told Refinery29, “This product was inspired by members of our community, who have told us that there are times they want to share more than just one moment from a memorable experience in their feed. The ability to upload multiple photos and videos within one post not only adds depth to those moments, but it also complements other products within the app, such as stories, in a way that makes it easier than ever to share your highlights and everything in between on Instagram.”

If you don’t have the feature yet you can be expecting it soon; Instagram rolls out new features based on users location and usage. While you wait for the update it’s a good time to plot out just how you can use the feature to your or your brand’s advantage.

How do you think Insta Galleries will change how you share your story? Are you a fan of these updates or are they taking away from the nostalgia of what Instagram was when it started?

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