This Is My Thirty

This is thirty. My thirty. The thirty my 13 year old self, 18 or even my 21 year old self couldn’t have imagined.

I’ve had fleeting moments of insecurity about my identity in the last few months leading up to this day. Who am I? What am I doing? Have I accomplished enough? But then I thought about the fact that I’ve never been the kind of person to succumb to societal norms and pressures.

I’m looking forward to thirty. I’m a grown-ass woman with a kick-ass life. Not perfect (what’s perfect anyway) but just right for ME. Skin that I am more comfortable in every day.

I’m looking forward to thirty. There is so much I have yet to do and yet to see. So much I have yet to accomplish. I’m okay with that. Thirty is not an end, nor a beginning; it’s a sweet spot where you have so much knowledge about yourself and the world around you but there is still so much more to learn.

Here’s to thirty! Happy birthday to me!