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Announcing Candor

A new standard for team communication and knowledge sharing

  • With different timezones and working hours, our collaboration will be less real-time and more asynchronous.
  • Writing things up vs. chatting it down. Important discussions start and end with an exchange of complete thoughts, not one-line-at-a-time messages.
  • Company-wide transparency on decisions and knowledge
  • Document-based tools serve the use case of one author communicating to many readers. Comments feel like a second-class citizen. It’s difficult to have a thoughtful interchange in comment threads.
  • Group messaging apps are good for “rapid-fire” quick discussions and bad for big-picture discussions. Many topics get jumbled together in a channel, making it nearly impossible to keep track of a full conversation.
  • Discussions, documents, and team knowledge get scattered and locked in app silos.

Why teams love communicating on Candor

Teams use Candor to drive better decisions and build a productive, inclusive, and transparent communication culture.

1. Built for all types of team communication

Documents, discussions, and threads in one tool.

2. Better discussions, better decisions, and a better workplace

3. A powerful editor that makes your thoughts stand out.

  • Distraction-free writing: When you begin typing, you’ll only see what’s essential — your words.
  • Keyboard-first UX: Styling text is as easy as typing it. Optimized for efficiency with extensive keyboard shortcuts.
  • Modern editor: Use the /command to add rich-text content like code, images, links, and more.

4. Company-wide transparency



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