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2019 Was the Year of Smoking, 2020 Cleansed Me

It is called a forced detox.

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Since March 25, today is day 101 of my Medium streak. I danced all day yesterday. Woohoo n all! Back to reality, in the now.

Cigarette cost doubled

The cigarette price — Marlboro Advance was love — doubled during the last 100 days in the starting itself.

It happened abruptly as the smoke vendors saw a massive demand during the lockdown and applied it to their economic advantage.

I won’t pay double for my lungs.

It forced me to stop smoking now because my addiction was not so hard that I would pay INR 600 instead of 300 for some guilty pleasure and then loathe myself about what I did from the laxative effects of cigarettes.

Also, Dad will kill me now. But first, Dad! Be proud that I recovered and kiss me when you see me. Or not! You are wiser than you think you are.

Nonsense tactics I tried to recover in 2020

Here is how I failed myself when quitting in January — New Year Resolution busted.

It went like this: I incremented the number of days between two consecutive cigarettes by one. For example, smoking days were day1, day3, day6, day10, day15, and so on.

I wanted to keep the count to one cigarette at a time, but the funny thing was:

  • count of cigarettes also increased slowly to hedge for the gap;
  • I lost track because this is a stupid way of doing a detox. Don’t ever try this. *laughing in my head*

Then I started occasionally smoking at the starting of February.

The real detox

Here is what I finally did to quit altogether. When the price doubled in the lockdown, I started to avoid it every day for the rest of my life.

I got another forceful reason to focus on health again. I searched for alternatives to combat cigarettes. I found the green tea. Not a tasty option, but okay.

I don’t want to say that green tea is an addiction for me, but when recovering since February 2020, it worked like a charm.

Now I rarely smoke

Now I only smoke when I see a friend after a long time. I just had one this Monday. But I did this after almost two months. The temptation is dead.

Final words

If you seriously want to do a detox, I would suggest to find an accountability partner and be each other’s worst nightmare.

Also, make sure to feed the temptation with healthy options like green tea, fruits, dry fruits, etc. It might sound boring. But that is the annoying character of some healthy foods. They hurt your taste buds, but start looking from a long-term perspective, then you’ll make a wise decision.

This blog belongs to a series of posts I am publishing in this daily streak. That’s right. Target one was 21 days, then 100 days. Today is day 101. The third target is 150. Here is the first one that started the streak.

Thank You for reading! See you tomorrow!

~ S.



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