The Truth About Sex and Vaginal Elasticity

Time to set the record straight once and for all.

Nicole Bedford
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6 min readJul 17, 2019


A penis, no matter how big, is not wide enough to stretch out a woman’s vagina. One more time for the people in the nosebleed section?

Men, your penis does not pack enough power or girth to stretch out the elasticity of a woman’s vagina permanently; so, get over yourselves and stop slut-shaming sexually open women.

Have you heard the rhetoric?

Many men feel as if they can ascertain the quality of a women’s yoni based on how their penis feels when they are moving in and out of the vaginal canal of a woman, they are having sex with.

Some of the myths associated with a tight or loose vagina:

1. Virgins have extremely tight vaginas because their hymen is intact.

2. Virgins should bleed the first time they have sex.

3. Losing your virginity stretches the vagina permanently.

4. Having a lot of sex with a single or having multiple partners will loosen the vagina.

5. Having a vaginal delivery (childbirth) stretches the vagina out forever.

6. If a woman is tight during sex then she has a quality vagina that hasn’t been explored by a lot of men.

7. If a woman’s vagina is more relaxed during sex then she has been stretched out by man sexual partners and is thus less desirable as a result.

I acknowledge the war on women and our bodily autonomy, and for centuries the idea has been that women should remain chaste for one man to be worthy.

Sure, western culture has evolved from that archaic way of thinking, but the fact remains that women are still slut-shamed for having a sexual appetite in a league with men. With a lot of focus being placed on a woman’s body count (the number of sexual partners she’s had).

To do this effectively, cultural myths surrounding vaginal tightness have emerged to curb women’s sexual openness.

Locker Room talk where guys say that sex feels like ‘throwing a hotdog down a hallway’ to drag a woman’s worth through the mud if she’s known to be…



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