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Nicole Bedford
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Candor is a compliment; it implies equality. It’s how true friends talk. -Peggy Noo

Honest Writers wanted!

This publication is new, but I’m excited about its growth. Candour is in its genesis and I need your help to turn it into a thriving Mecca of great honest stories.

If you’re a writer and would like to share your story on a platform solely about the cathartic release of truth-telling then Candour is for you.

Candour is a publication dedicated to sharing stories that celebrate the openness about the joys, victories, milestones and pitfalls of life. This is not a place to sugarcoat things.

We want raw and gritty stories that fall under Life, life lessons, sex & sexuality, women, issues, mental illness, spirituality, self (including self-awareness, improvement, help and mastery) and stories about your failures.

Dig deep. Only when we tunnel through to the depths of ourselves do we successfully unfuck the self and emerge stronger, wiser and closer to self-mastery.

Submission Process

The first step is to get you added as a writer.

Email me your Medium handle and I’ll check out your current work, along with the piece you wish to publish or a similar piece. If I love your style and storytelling muscles, I’ll respond and add you to the publication.

Email me here: with the subject:

‘Story Submission for Candour.’

Please be sure to include your Medium handle or your approval won’t be processed.

Write a unique story (unpublished elsewhere) and select ‘add to publication’ from the (…) drop-down menu.

Candour will show up once you’ve been added as a writer.

I’ll read the story and run it through plagiarism checker just to be sure, do any small editing, and punctuation fixes — if necessary. In fact, make sure you use Grammarly!

Check your stats. If accepted, your story will be published in 1–3 days.

Not all stories will be accepted, but if yours isn’t, do try again. I want to build a valuable place for writers to share their Candour with readers. Let’s learn from each other’s experience.

Writing guidelines

+ Candour seeks good honest storytelling in the form of hard-hitting and open stories.

+Candour wants satire, emotional jeopardy, brutal honesty and soul in all its stories.

+We want your expertly analyzed reviews and essays. If that’s your jam.

+We do not want work that was published elsewhere. Give it to us fresh.

+We want well-written work that has been carefully combed for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


You are free to make your stories public or Medium partner-only. When publishing your story be sure to make it Medium Partner-Only if you want to earn money for readers and audience engagement.

Candour will not keep or receive any of your earnings. This publication is designed to celebrate the truth.


Refrain from adding any call to actions in your stories, please. Do not ask for applause, if your writing shines then it will be automatically given. Feel free to share your story and others from Candour across your social media platforms.


Stories about life, everything in between and the road to self mastery.

Nicole Bedford

Written by

Aims to write the truth about spirituality, sex, relationships, self-development and whatever else strikes her fancy. More @



Stories about life, everything in between and the road to self mastery.

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