Introducing CAN (Community Alliance Network)

Community is the Next Big Thing

Now more than ever we are seeing the trend of organizations finding their way to success through the massive growth of their community of supporters. Community-driven companies and brands, like for example AirBnB, Stack Overflow, TikTok, and the BTS ARMY, have proven time and again that through harnessing the power of community, one can increase brand awareness, improve customer retention, and build brand loyalty.

All facets of companies stand to benefit a great deal from cultivating a strong community. However, building a community needed for companies to thrive and scale is no easy task.

CAN — The Ultimate No-code Community/DAO Builder for the Community by the Community

CAN (Community Alliance Network), is an alliance of startups and developers, which collectively provides a comprehensive set of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tools for startups, traditional companies, and DAOs. It helps organizations quickly build and run a community-driven business (both web2 and web3) without an in-house tech team.

The vision of CAN is to build a network of multiple companies and developers actively participating in developing modules & kits or integrating their services to create an ecosystem that can be easily leveraged by any organization. The goal is to jump start the process of building powerful communities and online platforms, and to provide a pathway to building a community-driven business that doesn’t involve hiring a dev team or outsourcing dev agencies.

How is this possible? Because CAN is a no-code community 3.0/DAO builder. All you have to do is assemble the necessary CAN modules per your organizations’ needs just like assembling LEGO blocks! Check out the CAN features here!

With CAN, various companies, entrepreneurs, and DAOs can build and operate Web2, Web3, or even Web2.5 hybrid community services with a few drags and clicks — with CAN, you can build an MVP within a week.

Does Your Organization Fit the Below Criteria? Then 🖐️

  • Businesses and brands who want to build their community/DAO platform for customers and fans
  • Businesses and DAOs who want to run their ‘community commerce’ platform equipped with various social features
  • Companies/DAOs who want to introduce membership-based paid content and subscription models
  • Companies/DAOs who want to implement a Web3 Economy (token economy, NFT) to existing services or communities
  • Companies/DAOs who want to build a community-driven collective decision making system or run social campaigns, cooperatives, group purchase communities, etc.

CAN has been highly praised/recognized by customers for providing value equivalent to having an in-house development tech team.

Get inspired by the projects that are making changes together with CAN.

✔️Check out the use cases: CAN-powered community platforms

No more hassle to hire an in-house tech team to build a quality online community platform! See how CAN supports non-technical founders and non-IT businesses: Build your own Internet/mobile platform on the foundation of CAN.

For Business Inquires

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Want to Become a CAN Ally?

CAN (Community Alliance Network) is an alliance of startups and developers collectively developing SaaS tools for communities.

If you are interested in becoming a CAN Ally as a developer partner or mentor, please visit CommunityAllianceNetwork.Moim.Co for more information.



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CAN (Community Alliance Network)

CAN (Community Alliance Network)

CAN is an alliance of startups and developers collectively providing SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) tools for organizations to build and run their own communities.