Use CAN to build your Community 3.0 and DAO services

For more than a decade digital transformation has been a priority for many organizations. The impact of the pandemic also accelerated and demanded a certain level of digital transformation be undertaken.

From ‘Corporation First’ to ‘Community First’

As a result, many corporations and brands with traditional business models have been witnessing and paying attention to a paradigm shift from ‘Corporation First’ to ‘Community First.’ More than ever, brands have been leveraging online communities to cement valuable customer relationships.

Through communities, brands can provide customers a place to:

  • Interact and engage with security
  • Exchange opinions
  • Receive up-to-date relevant news/promotions
  • Raise any issues and concerns (better within the brand community than elsewhere)

Ultimately, the goal of a community is to nurture the members to become brand evangelists and loyal customers.

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

The Rise of Community 3.0 and Web 3.0

Through online communities, both brands and members share the same values and thrive on accomplishing the same goal of achieving success for the brand and themselves. We call this ‘Community 3.0’.

As the internet evolves with the rise of the web 3.0 ‘incentive aligned’ approach, the interactions taking place in Community 3.0 are becoming more advanced and complex — this is where web3.0 business models and tools such as DAO, NFT, and Token Economy come in for new opportunities.

Business entities and entrepreneurs are actively seeking a road to building Community 3.0 to not only drive the new web 3.0 business but also to grow with the community.

The All But Impossible Problem

Although Community 3.0 and DAO services are the next big things that many business entities and entrepreneurs are diving headfirst into, building a community platform is no easy task.

However, existing SaaS platforms/soltuions such as WordPress, Wix, and Shopify do not provide necessary community features.

Over the past ten years, as software developers, consultants, and start-up investors, CAN founding members have seen a thousand large and small companies undergoing the same trials and errors in their attempts to build their online services.

Many start building their online services by outsourcing to software development agencies, only to find unsatisfactory outcomes after spending huge amounts. Outsourcing never works for projects requiring agile iterations to find a product-market fit.

After initial launches, they realize that lots more features need to be added, tweaked, or fundamentally changed, which results in a tremendous amount of additional fees being charged because those changes were not in the initially agreed scope of work.

We have seen countless start-ups that used up all their seed money through the back-and-forth process with contractor agencies.

Aware of the pitfall of outsourcing, some choose to build in-house development teams or secure developers. We all know, finding a truly great software developer nowadays is like looking for a needle in a haystack — all but impossible.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheels — Just use CAN:The All-in-one No-Code Community 3.0 & DAO Builder

The founders of CAN have started to address these common difficulties that non-technical founders and non-IT companies always have been facing — launched CAN (Community Alliance Network), the all-in-one no-code SaaS Solution for Community 3.0 & DAOs.

Our ambition is to enable businesses to build and run competitive online platforms (i.e., Community 3.0 and DAO) without internal development teams and developers. So, enterprises, entrepreneurs, DAOs can jump start their ideas and drive growth without all the usual trials and tribulations.

Beyond websites, blogs, or online shopping websites, CAN supports businesses to build a quality community with solid engagement and automate work processes. Want to learn more about CAN?

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Want to Become a CAN Ally?

CAN (Community Alliance Network) is an alliance of startups and developers collectively developing SaaS tools for communities.

If you are interested in becoming a CAN Ally as a developer partner or mentor, please visit CommunityAlliance.Moim.Co for more information



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