Pandemic Pups: A Cautionary Tale

This morning I saw this article in the New York Times. While on the surface it is a lovely story, and it is great to see that people are seeking professional help, the truth is that there are more people than not using “Dr. Google” to solve their dog behavioral issues. Just as an Internet search does not provide me with sound legal counsel, finding professional help when it comes to dog behavioral issues is very important.

Yep. It’s been wonderful to see folks who’ve taken on the responsibility of a dog – whether puppy or older dog – seriously during these times. Truth is, the level of behavioral issues arising due to the experience of life in quarantine/isolation has been epic – including dogs that were “already trained” developing, in some cases, very serious issues.

If you’re facing challenges with your dog, please, seek professional help. Just as a Google search does not provide sound legal direction, self sourcing solutions for dog behavioral problems may make things worse.

I won’t even get into the concern that I have about the number of dogs that are going to be dumped in shelters once the pandemic has passed fully and people go back to “normal” life…

That’s a post for another day.



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