How do you roll a blunt without it falling apart?

Bruno Eastman
Jul 4 · 5 min read

It is a no brainer. Blunts are the “Kings of THC.” Well, some may not love the pumped up smoke but there is every reason to love a blunt. In fact, it is one of those things that every stoner needs to have smoked before calling themselves real weed darlings.

Think about what a blunt offers in the place of your usual tiny joint (sorry joints)

  • Blunts burn much slower meaning you get to enjoy the puffs for longer. This is even made better by the fact that blunts carry more weed than joints. You can share a blunt and get really high with a couple of friends.
  • They are very much portable and just like joints, you can roll them at home and light them at a friend’s place.
  • For some, blunts offer uplifted effects thanks to the tobacco wraps.
  • The tobacco goodies create a whole new flavor and aroma filled smoke.

Blunts offer any cannabis lovers a new dimension to smoking. So why should you not be rolling one? You do realize that blunts have a longer process when rolling than joints, right? But that is not going to stop you from achieving a perfectly rolled blunt.

This guide takes you step by step helping you to roll smooth and even burning blunts like a pro. Are you ready for this?

What you will need

Before you start thinking of how to roll one, here is a list of everything that you will need.

  1. Cigar or blunt wraps
  2. A cannabis flower of your choice
  3. Grinder
  4. A knife
  5. Tray

There is nothing fancy needed when rolling blunts. All you need is to master the step by step process on how to roll a perfect blunt. Let’s get rolling.

Step 1: Grinding your bud

The first step is to prepare your bud. There is no special cannabis flower that is meant to be rolled only in blunts. Any marijuana strain works just fine. However, you can decide to roll your stash as blunts when your supply is down. The tobacco does a great job in enhancing the taste and effects.

For starters, using a grinder is the better option. For experienced blunt rollers, you can crush the bud with your hands. The best weed for blunts is properly dried and cured. This way it does not stick that much when crushed and offers maximum potency.

Golden Tip: Never crush your cannabis flower for bunts into dusty powder. Instead grind it evenly into a shake. Dusty powder makes it hard to roll, pack and also hard to burn at all or with the required smoothness.

Step 2: How to make blunt wraps

There are two ways to have a ready wrap for your blunt. We are talking about making one from an already rolled cigar or buying a special blunt rolling paper from your shop around the corner or even online. Now that buying your wraps is as easy as ABC, let’s see what it is like to prepare one from a tobacco filled cigar.

Have you ever heard of how to split a blunt? Many call it splitting a blunt but in real sense we are going to split a cigar for its paper. Read this.

  1. Hold your cigar in your hands and look for the vein where it is sealed.
  2. Using a knife, split the vein from the end you hold when smoking (butt) towards the burning end.
  3. Once the cigar is wide open, empty the contents (tobacco) into your tray. The easier way to do this is by pushing the tobacco out with your finger.

It is that easy. But watch out for two things when splitting your blunt wraps. The knife may poke a hole in the wrap or you can tear the paper when emptying it. Do it gently to avoid thrashing your precious paper.

What happens to the tobacco? If you also love to roll spliffs (joints filled with a mixture of tobacco and weed) you may want to keep the tobacco. On the other hand, if you hate tobacco that much, it is better off in your bin.

Step 4: Wetting your blunt rolling paper

This is very important. The blunt wraps may develop tiny tears or holes. Wetting the paper not only makes it easier to work with but also seals these kinds of openings. So what can you use to wet your paper? If you are rolling for yourself or your loved one, some saliva works just fine. However, when rolling for someone else, use tap water and your finger.

Step 5: How to pack a blunt

Pack your blunt well or else you will lose the structure and smoothness of the burn. Take the ground flower and place it in the innermost layer of the wrap. Ensure half an inch of paper extends on one of the sides so as to go round the roll fully.

Now, this is very important so you may want to pay even more attention. How much weed should you put in a blunt?

When rolling, use as much weed as you can. There is nothing like an emaciated blunt that breaks down immediately your lighter gets to it. 1.5 to 2 grams of weed is considered enough to pack in a standard size cigar paper. When packing, never forget to even the weed. Blunts are more round when compared to the conical joints.

Step 6: How to roll a good blunt

This is the make or break step. Start rolling from the butt towards the tip. Tuck in the lower flap of the wrap into the upper one on the butt end. Secure it with saliva and repeat the process as you make it through the whole length of the blunt.

When sealing, lick the rolling paper’s edge and roll the remaining paper over it. A moistened paper makes rolling and sealing an easier experience. Before you can light it up, bake it so it dries well.

And there you go with a perfectly rolled blunt ready to blow yourself with all its goodies.