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What to do when you’re too high

It is seriously exhilarating if you dug up stories on the weird things cannabis aficionados go through when the high is higher than their THC tolerance. From hiding under the bed fearing for some tiny weird creatures feasting on their feet to feeling like your date with the creator is coming anytime, it’s a crazy world.

It is actually easy for anyone to get over stoned. Even experienced stoners can take a super potent strain or simply underestimate the THC in cookies. Talking about cookies, it is actually a challenge to many lovers looking to get the right dose. They take longer to kick in and the sugar craving? Too munching to stop munching.

Guess all these don’t scare you off a good smoke, right?

These eight tips will be of great help to any adventurous smoker. You seriously need to learn how to get less high so you can test that super THC packed moonrock roll next time your friend dares you.

Are you even ready for this? Here is the first one.

Relax, you’re not gonna die or fall off an imaginary cliff

Panic attacks are what you did best when you started smoking. Many cannabis aficionados can tell their first encounter with THC. When it happens that you are too high later in your cannabis days, relax and know that nothing bad is going to happen. But hey, if you panicked and set the house on fire...

So you know, cannabis begins to tail off between 30 minutes and 2 hours. In the case of being too high on edibles, the effects may tend to manifest longer than when smoking. This is because they are digested in the stomach and trickle into your bloodstream long after you stopped munching on them

The tailing off is good news as you’ll feel better with every second that passes. However, you need to stop consuming any more THC for this to happen.

Have some rest, take a nap or sleep altogether

Can you sleep off a high? This may be too easy or way too hard. Why?

Some cannabis strains are known to induce intense relaxation and head clearing effects. This makes it easy to close your eyes and take a very important nap. On the other side, some strains will literally zoom you out into the cosmos. You will find it too high to sleep with intensified sounds and colors.

However, if it is possible to have that rest, go on and do it. Many THC users find themselves without the weird high when they wake up from their nightmare.

Take some water and hydrate

Drinking water increases the volume of your blood. This way, you get more blood flowing through your system. There is no better way to flush out any excessive THC in your system.

Furthermore, dry mouth and eyes are some of the symptoms of being too high. You may also experience headaches and dizziness as a result of dehydration. And do you know the best way to get them back to normalcy? Drink, drink and drink even more water but do not overdo it. Overdrinking will only increase your discomfort.

Too intense high? It is time for a cold shower

As water trickles down your skin, the focus on your mental side slowly trickles down to your body. Using cold water in the shower or bath works even better. It gives tingling sensations, more like shocking your muscles before they go back to their body temperature.

A shower soothes your muscles. It would have been better going for a dip in the pool. You can do this if possible but if it worsens your panic attacks while high, don’t risk drowning. A shower in your bathroom works the magic just fine.

Get distracted

How possible is it to distract yourself from a too intense high? You can not control your racing mind that is why you need some help, right? But hey, how about that movie that you’ve heard your friend hyping when you last met? Even better you’d love a Kelvin Hart classic on TV. In fact, if you consumed the right strain, you’ll be experiencing a little giggly so you can literally laugh the effects off. It is easy to engage in your favorite hobby as long as it is safe. Read a book, fetch your painting canvas, listen to a whole mix of your favorite music… The list is endless.

Black pepper can help mitigate the intensity

It has to do with the aroma of pack pepper. You should definitely listen to Neil Young’s advice on cannabis induced paranoia. Well, you may not like his music but he was right saying black peppercorns can get rid of your cannabis anxiety.

The terpenes found in black pepper such as beta-caryophyllene interact with the same cannabinoid receptors as THC. The synergistic realization sort of breaks down the strength of THC which in turn sets you free of a too intense high.

So how do you ingest black pepper? To get the best of the terpenes, you can inhale the aroma. Even better, wash your peppercorns and chew them.

Using CBD from hemp

Cannabidiol is the psychoactive phytocannabinoid extracted from cannabis alongside THC. The compound may help you calm the anxiety when you are high. A study published in 2013 suggested that CBD may help to reduce the psychoactive effects of using marijuana.

To integrate it properly, use pure CBD extracts that do not add any THC to your body. Pure isolated cannabidiol works best in this case. Another super method of using cannabidiol to counter the high from THC is to smoke a CBD rich flower. Yes, some strains have substantial amounts of CBD with no THC.

Work out and burn the fat

We are not talking about any fat. Specifically, we are referring to the fat where excessive THC is stored. If you can get to work out with a too intense high, the effects tend to wear out pretty fast. burning the fat releases the THC into direct circulation to be flashed out naturally. This works as one way of coming down from a high.

Finally: Know your limit and never exceed it

If you do not want to go through awkward moments after a good smoke, know your THC tolerance. And never ever try to exceed it unless you are the adventurous type. It may seem to be fun but wait until it knocks you off and you discover and get trapped in a new cosmos on your own.

Trying a new strain? There are so many strains today that you’ll want to have one that fits every moment in your life. Yes, one that keeps you awake and one that sings you lullabies. Always inquire about the THC content in the new strain. This way you can get to gauge how much is in your safe zone so you can hit the breaks at the right time.

Overall, take breaks between hits and gauge whether or not to take the next one after the effects of the previous one kick in fully. It is called microdosing.

Happy toking!



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