Cannabis Businesses Injury and Illness Prevention Program

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  • A written plan
  • Appropriate training
  • Program evaluation and a continuous improvement process
  • Identify a responsible leader to manage the implementation and maintenance of an IIPP.
  • Create a compliance system to ensure employees comply with the safe and healthful work practices in the IIPP and have a voice in the process.
  • Set up a communication system to distribute safety information to employees. This should include meetings, training programs, posted or written notification and any other means to ensure effective communication with employees. Employees must be encouraged to inform their employer of hazards at the worksite without fear of reprisal.
  • Implement hazard assessment and correction procedures to identify and evaluate all workplace hazards. Instituting periodic inspections will help correct identified hazards in a timely manner, including unsafe or unhealthy work conditions. Include procedures for the abatement of imminent hazards and the removal of exposed employees from the area if the hazard can’t be immediately abated. Make sure employees have the right gear and safeguards.
  • An accident/exposure investigation procedures documented that can be followed by anyone investigating workplace injuries or illnesses.
  • Institute an effective training program to instruct employees and their supervisors on safe work practices and hazards specific to each job assignment. Additional training must also be given when required by OSHA or your state plan.
  • Maintain adequate records and other written documentation of the steps taken to establish and maintain the employer’s IIPP, including training and inspection records.



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