My favorite Dry Herb Vaporizer Temperatures

Jamie Toth
Oct 29, 2019 · 2 min read

Did I convince you that dry herb vaping is the way to go? Are you looking for a way ‘hack’ your cannabis use or just want to know what the best temperatures are to use with your new vaporizer? Try these vaporizer temperatures to explore your cannabis’ full potential!

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Four of the five important terpenes have boiling points below 360, as well as THC itself. Low temperatures like this will allow you to enjoy the citrus undertones of your bud much more, in addition to ensuring you feel that psychoactive THC punch. It also produces a physically cooler vapor, so if you are having problems coughing or adjusting to vaporizing, try it at low temp! For those of us needing to medicate in the mornings, a low temp is a good way to go to ensure productivity.


Here’s where quite a few of the cannabinoids will come into play, in addition to more THC and more terpenes. Depending on how accurate your vaporizer is, you might also get a bit of linalool. Expect more euphoric and psychoactive effects at this level. CBN, known for giving aged cannabis its sedative effects and increasing appetite vaporizes around this temperature.


At this high of a temperature you will be vaporizing more cannabinoids and burning off more terpenes, radically changing the flavor profile. This level will be more satisfactory for those using vaporizing to replace smoking. THCV, a great appetite suppressant and my workout buddy makes an appearance at or above 428 on my vaporizer, so I set it to 429 at the end of a session and burn the THCV out.

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