Use The High Holidays (4/20 and 7/10) to Contact Your Representatives About Legalization

Since hearing about 4/20 in college, I’ve been an avid supporter of the holiday. One of my favorite ways to celebrate is to contact the government about legalization. It’s a great day to advocate for cannabis!

Photo by ElevenPhotographs on Unsplash

Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level while operating as a thriving recreational industry in 18 states. This fact impacts nearly every area of cannabis business. Banking remains an issue for the industry as a whole. Blocked from DEA licensing, laboratories are forced to buy standards from third parties. Cannabis businesses can’t secure insurance, and are often targeted for crime.

Until cannabis is federally legalized, the federal government still considers us criminals.

Contact Your US Senators.

Contact Your US Representatives.

You can find other contact information for elected officials at all levels here.




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