Day 2 #CannabisJournalism

We jumped right into day two beginning with a Q&A with Josiah Hesse, freelance cannabis journalist based out of Denver, Colorado. Hesse spoke about his experience as one of the few reporters who is comfortable both reporting on and using marijuana; he articulately answered our questions, focusing on the big picture.

Having grown up with a mother who is vehemently anti-weed, I asked Hesse his opinion of cannabis as an addictive substance that according to many prohibitionists will ruin your life. The term ‘gateway drug’ has been synonymous with marijuana for years, only gaining popularity through Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign in the late 20th century. However, Hesse has a contrasting view of the newly legalized drug and shared his in depth knowledge of big marijuana, addiction studies and informative publications.

“In 10 years time the gateway theory is going to be something that you are taught in history class.”
Josiah Hesse

After a bit of writing we met Susannah Grossman, director of public relations with Women Grow. She helped us to workshop our final project ideas and explained the importance of delicate language in the cannabis industry.

Finally, and one of my favorite parts of the day, the Cannabist Show was gracious enough to allow us to visit a live taping session. It was amazing to see pivotal industry players discuss the topics I have been reading about. Ricardo Baca is a phenomenal and welcoming man with a great presence. When chatting with Christie and Ricardo after the show, their passion for the issues surrounding cannabis culture were apparent and very inspiring.

Ricardo Baca on set of the Cannabist Show at the Denver Post (@ummkatelyn on twitter)

Final Project Ideas

I plan to continue with researching edibles, especially after Christie brought it up this evening on set. I am going to delve into the actual legislature and the bill itself, discuss side effects (who they effect, how the affected feel) and tap into the prohibitionists view. I am hoping to have a fruitful discussion on Friday with our guest speaker.