Going with the flow

photo credit The Pot News

Ricardo Baca is the editor of The Cannabist, an online publication that covers all things cannabis, visited the University of Denver to speak to a class about cannabis journalism.

photo credit The Cannabist

Baca wrote as a music critic for 12 years for the Denver Post before he was offered the position of editor for the Cannabis.

Baca spoke about how he never imagined becoming involved in writing and editing stories that cover cannabis.

“I really enjoyed writing about music in Colorado, when they came to be about writing about cannabis I had to take some time to think it over,” said Baca, “when I accepted it I went to them with stipulations like hiring a pot critic.”

Baca also spoke about the reservations he had with accepting the position since the Denver Post was not sure that a cannabis focused publication would be successful.

“It’s actually not in writing anywhere that my job is protected,” said Baca.

The Cannabist now has 17 writers that contribute to the publication.

Baca was also featured in an interview on the Colbert Report about how he decided to approach the task of becoming an editor for the publication.