Interterm Day Three

A Trip to the Capitol

Thanks to a coordinated with representative Jonathan Singer (a linke to representative Singer’s website here) our class sat in on a general assembly in the house gallery.

When the assembly began we heard final passages of bills. After voting on all the final passages they proceeded to general orders. It was at this time we saw representative Singer present two bills which he co-authored. Both bills ruled in favor of ‘AYE’ to the final passage set for a later date.

We were not in the Capitol for a very long time, but enough to get a sense of the way general assembly works. An old system has been updated with more modern technology. As you can see from the tweet on the left there is a monitor that keeps track of representatives, their votes, and tallies ‘AYE’ and ‘NO’ votes. The representatives simply press a green, AYE, or red, NO, button to cast their vote. This process is very efficient and the assembly moved from bill to bill quickly.

While in the house gallery I took some videos and photographs. Here is a video of bill SB16–127, concerning the repeal of the "Medical Clean Claims Transparency and Uniformity Act",passing unanimously.

Final Project Update

After narrowing my focus to banking and collecting a wealth of sources, I have begun piecing together my article. I found our in class speakers to be both very helpful and interesting. I have reached out to Susannah and Ry hoping to recieve a quote. I was not expecting much as they have real jobs to worry about, however I was pleasantly surprised. I am still hoping to hear back from Sussanah but I struck gold with Ry. I sent him five questions that I thought would really add to my article. He responded back with paragraph answers for each question. The answers are full of good information coming from an authority figure. I am very happy with the new material I have which be a nice addition to my final paper. I am hoping to have a ‘Q&A with Ry Prichard’ segment in my article. This development has gotten me very excited to write this article.

“…At the end of the day, the buds don’t lie”
-Jake Browne