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Hello and welcome to Cannabis Packaged Goods, a collection of essays on my favorite subject — the legal cannabis industry. My name is Cy Scott, and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Headset, a market intelligence firm focused on delivering data on the cannabis industry. I’ve been involved in the cannabis industry for over a decade at this point and have been privileged to see the industry go from its humble beginnings to something with real scale, sophisticated operators and accelerating consumer adoption.

Prior to Headset, I was one of the founders of Leafly a cannabis information resource designed to demystify cannabis for a mainstream audience. With Leafly, we wanted to create a platform that helped educate consumers on what we thought might be a true consumer packaged goods industry, cannabis. Of course, 2010 looked a lot different than 2021 - its hard to believe how far the industry has come. From a world of nondescript dispensaries, questionable strain lineage and untested products, to a true packaged goods industry with brands designed to stand the test of time. Similar to alcohol a century ago, some brands on the shelf today will be there one hundred years from now.

As the industry continued to mature, it was obvious there was a critical need to provide the analytics that enable organizations to make informed decisions about their businesses — thus the launch of Headset in 2015. Headset builds successful cannabis brands through analytics by helping them navigate the competitive landscape, find opportunities and create operational efficiencies. Shelf space at retail is increaslingly harder to come by for brands and retailer competition is stiffening across all markets pointing to the emergence of cannabis as a real consumer category— all to say that data and analytics are paramount.

Which leads me to this blog, Cannabis Packaged Goods. I hope to tell some of the stories that I see in the data as organizations develop leading brands, gaining market share and consumer loyalty. I will be writing from the lens of the consumer packaged goods industry, the one that has developed all the traditional brands we know and love, from Coca-Cola to Lays, finding parallels and highlighting differences. The goal is to publish weekly at a minimum and hopefully be able to educate those within the cannabis industry and those on the outside (come on in)!

At Headset, our mission is to drive the success of the cannabis industry through analytics. If operators are successful, then this new emerging category is successful. I hope that these essays are valuable and I look forward to engaging with you, in the comments, in Clubhouse discussions and more. There has never been a better time to be in the cannabis industry. Through these essays I think you’ll agree.




Cannabis Packaged Goods is a collection of essays telling the story of cannabis through data. Following the development of the fastest of fast moving consumer goods categories we may see in our lifetime, legal cannabis.

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Cy Scott

Cy Scott

Co-founder and CEO, Headset — cannabis market intelligence. Data, analytics, deep learning and startups.

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