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Reimagining How We Drink

Can Cann reshape social drinking and cannabis consumption all at once?

Cann co-founders Jake Bullock (left) and Luke Anderson (right)

“Our guiding light was creating something that would be successful in premium retail. Would this interest the shopper who couldn’t tell THC from CBD?”

Cann’s development was a product of tremendous iteration and research, drawing from each founders’ strengths. The duo wanted to build a product with low dosage (ultimately just 2.5 mg per can), but that couldn’t be the only draw. The goal was a beverage that would not just appeal to a cannabis consumer, but could stand on its own.

“When a Whole Foods category buyer is asking for the virgin product, you know you’re onto something.”

Cann’s eventual flavors (grapefruit rosemary, blood orange cardamom, lemon lavender) combined the familiar with new twists. Equally important, each beverage was flavored with agave nectar, keeping the calorie impact low (only 30) without the potential flavor quality tradeoffs of sugar substitutes.

Just a few of the exhaustive design options Jake and Luke considered
The final Cann design

“Everyone kept pushing us to launch with CBD. It was really hard to not just take the money and go for the land grab. But we knew that wouldn’t get us out of bed every day.”

Thankfully, some investors eventually agreed. Navy Capital, a cannabis hedge fund, agreed to lead Cann’s $1.5 million pre-seed round. The concept was complete, the funding was (as they say) secured — it was time to scale the business.

“It’s about adaptability. We’re constantly evaluating priorities and organizing our team to put each person where they’re best suited.”

Cann’s team at the company’s launch party

“The dream is federally legal cannabis, and the hope is that regulators wise up that microdoses of THC are safer than alcohol. ”

Even with exciting intiatives in motion, the founders can still dream big. Cann’s vision is one where a micro-dose THC drink can sit on tap next to your favorite craft beer — and it’s recognized as a safer alternative.



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