High 5: Cannabusiness Q&A with Kristen Yoder

See Cannabusiness from every angle with help from a “40 Under 40” Rising Star & B.S. Detector who’s done it all

Cannabusiness may just be the most buzzed-about growth industry today. But it’s also one in which wannabe players, products and services are regularly jettisoned for running astray in an evolving environment of regulations and trust-building. We connected with the speakers for the 2019 South By Southwest panel “Blazing Beyond Basics: Cannabusiness 2.0” to learn from some real cannabis trailblazers how to stoke healthy growth without being weeded out in the process.

Kristen Yoder

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Question: How do you balance good growth and effectively navigating a landscape that’s constantly in flux — day by day, state to state, headline by headline?

Answer: “It starts with open, real-time communication among all pieces of an outfit: sales, compliance, legal, supply chain and distribution. Every cog in the wheel must be doing its part and communicating with the other cogs if you want your company to survive and thrive in the regulated cannabis market. Hiring the right people with the right passions and interests for their position is also critical. The industry can get really stressful and tedious, and if the passion isn’t there, employees will burn out.”

Q: When you look out onto the growing ecosystem of Cannabusiness, where are the big gaps, the opportunities that the next successful players are going to fill? How will you play a role?

A: “What’s missing in Cannabusiness at times is just brutal honesty, players who will call out the holes in a strategy, service or product. With my eclectic experience and desire to be a mentor of sorts for folks, I have assumed and embrace this role of being a true friend and B.S. Detector no matter how unpopular my opinion may be at times.”

Q: Does weed ever become industrial lubricants, pork bellies or mortgage-backed securities? In other words, does this ever feel like a normal business or it like SXSW host city Austin — and will it always be a little weird?

A: “Weed is weird and always will be a little weird. But hemp could be see as something as ordinary as pork bellies. Hemp is the legally safer, more generally applicable version of cannabis for industrial and commercial uses, dropping fewer idiosyncrasies and unknowns on the industry.”

Q: Make a bold prediction for Cannabusiness over the next 5 years…

A: “There is going to be more trust, honesty and transparency — if I have anything to do with it. This credibility is clearly necessary for Cannabusiness to grow in an industry that already already has so many unknowns.”

Question: Scenario: Someone has an opportunity in Cannabusiness that seems almost too good to be true. They’re new-ish in the industry and still getting their footing. What are the questions he or she should ask before pulling the trigger or walking away?

A: “Aways ask for your offer in writing! Ask who they have worked with in the past, contact those people and ask them what they thought of the company(if they are offering a service), or try to get ahold of people in the company and ask them how they like working there (if they are offering a position).”

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About Kristen Yoder

Forget carving out a niche. Kristen Yoder has taken on Cannabusiness from Soil to Oil. Over the past 13 years, she has managed and set up successful Cannabusinesses ventures across all facets of the industry — from soil to oil — including managing the first dispensary in the City of Los Angeles, taking on product development and operations management for one of the largest edible companies in California, setting up operations for an I502 edible company in Washington, and leading project management for a cannabis testing lab and processor with locations across the Pacific Northwest. And if that wasn’t enough, she spent two years apprenticing under a master grower. Kristen founded the aptly named Meetup group Soil to the Oil: Cannabis Science Classes, in Los Angeles, where she conducts monthly terpene training, trichome viewing sessions, and other fun cannabis science-related gatherings. She also hosts “Notes From The Underground,” which can be heard on 89.1 FM KNSJ San Diego, every Monday and Friday night at 7p (PST). Named a top “40 Under 40” Rising Star in Cannabis and with over a decade of experience managing operations and projects in every sector of the Cannabusiness, Kristen is the rare industry insider who can do it all.

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Digging deeper into Cannabusiness best practices for today and tomorrow. Your voting & content hub supporting "Blazing Beyond Basics: Cannabusiness 2.0," an entry for SXSW 2019

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After the Cannabusiness Buzz

Digging deeper into Cannabusiness best practices for today and tomorrow. Your voting & content hub supporting "Blazing Beyond Basics: Cannabusiness 2.0," an entry for SXSW 2019