If VR was the hot topic at Cannes, did I stumble upon the hottest product?

There was a lot of chat about VR and 360 video at Cannes Lions this year. Maybe not so much in the work entered but definitely on stage, at the beaches and all around he building. Samsung had a huge presence, Facebook and YouTube were also pushing their new features that make VR and 360 experiences more accessible to the masses.

Chris Mile and Eddy Moretti on stage for Samsung to talk about the launch of the VR experiments

Saw plenty of people picking up Google Cardboard and plenty more people sat in the Samsung chairs with goggles on.

YouTube beach flag flying, and cardboard and 360 a plenty on

Meanwhile, on a small stand in the Campaign cabana a company called Blue Vision had promotional boxes. Not promotional staff or anyone handing out the boxes, just a company promotional video and these white and blue boxes.

The BlueFocus promo box

Inside that box was a phone case: but not just any phone case. One with pop up lenses so you can view VR and 360 content easily and instantly on your iPhone 6. No cardboard required, more convenient that carrying around you Gear headset.

Inside, all very nicely produced

It’s called a Mrad and designed by Linger:

The case

My recommendation and racing comes with a pinch of salt. It’s a little OOT compared to a normal case and definitely going to raise a few questions in terms of style. But it’s an interesting concept and device as it seems more virtual worlds or experience are cropping up for us to escape to.

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