Visualization of my lifestyle in an #IoT submerged world embedded with #AI everywhere

The Internet has revolutionized the connectedness of the world for sharing data across continents in split seconds. Mobile communication revolution added ubiquity into it. Now we are talking about the smart world where intelligence and connectedness are not confined to human nodes interacting over Internet or computer nodes that are part of the Internet. #Biometric authentication methods ensuring that smart things around us can identify ‘Who I am?’. #IoT is bringing ubiquitous smart connectedness, data collection and interaction capabilities for everything around us. #AI is enabling the dynamic intelligence and meaningful transactions between the nodes that are part of the connected world. In that context, it would be worth to explore a day of my lifestyle in the #IoT submerged world embedded with #AI everywhere.

My smart pillow has synced up with my calendar and schedule/routine for the day and has triggered a vibration notification (not a loud alarm that otherwise would have disturbed the sleep of my wife) trigger for me in the morning. My smart pillow together with my smart mattress also has captured my sleep pattern (snoring, postures, and movements) and pushed the data on to my lifestyle data repository. Once I reach the toilet, the door opened with my fingerprint authentication. My bathroom floor mat with pressure and electrical sensing capability measured the pulse wave velocity to check my artery health. While opening the smart water tap (which authenticated me using my fingerprint) for washing my face, it reminded me of the water credit I have for rest of the period within the calculation window. Smart tap also ensured optimal flow based on my hand movement detection to ensure optimal water usage. My smart toothbrush with an integrated camera showed inside of my mouth and helped me hitting all the right spots. The pressure sensing toilet seat measured my blood pressure and monitored my bowel movements. My ultrasonic bath tub based on the schedule configured investigated my internal body structure.

Having completed the bath, my smartphone reminded me of the ordering that I have to make with my Robot chef for breakfast. By looking at the analytics data of my routine, intake and bowel movement for the previous days, my #AI empowered personal assistant has prepared the menu options for me taking into account the calories and proteins I may need, and it is notified to me on my smartphone. Based on the smart menu presented, I placed my breakfast order to the Robot chef. My #AI empowered personal assistant also ensured an inventory look up in my smart refrigerator before preparing the menu options for me. It also has triggered an order placement for replenishment of the items within the fridge to keep it full of required inventory. Once the breakfast order is placed, my wardrobe reminded me of high-level official commitments that I have for the day and the dress code required for them. All my collections in my wardrobe are smart clothes with the sensor integrated to measure my pulse rate, temperature, muscle stretch, heart rhythm and physical movement. My #IoT enabled smart gadgets, smart garments and intelligent ecosystem around me are mapped in such a way that they all push the data relevant for me into my centralized lifestyle data repository on the cloud. My cloud platform where my data lands up has the flexibility and provision to trigger the respective real-time and offline workflows that will be consuming and analyzing these data to trigger appropriate present and predictive actions based on the complete 360-degree data-driven context.

While having my breakfast, my #AI empowered personal assistant connected to my lifestyle data repository notified me of my energy consumption at my home, its pattern and came up with the data-driven recommendation on how I can optimize my energy consumption charges. I opted for the suggestions provided by my assistant that were more along the lines of IF THIS THEN THAT (#IFTTT) rule engine driven advice rather than disconnected equipment or gadget level ones. My #AI assistant also notified me of the aging and wear and tear of my household items and gadgets that need either maintenance or replacement. I opted for the ones that need immediate attention based on my financial priorities and my #AI assistant placed the service requests and orders accordingly. My smart city data collated by my #AI assistant shared information about the health and human service index, infrastructure index and notifications, public safety and security info, my kids’ kindergarten safety and cleanliness info etc. My smart city infra for collating this data consisted of smart vision sensors, leak detection sensors, peripheral intrusion detection sensors, fire sensors, flow sensors, level sensors, air quality sensors and other sensors and IT systems that can deliver real-time information feed. My smart city infra also includes a distributed and centralized controller module for driving on premise, edge and centralized intelligence required for driving the balanced ecosystem that ensures an elegant living atmosphere.

Once ready for work, it’s time for me to choose the choice of transportation to my workplace that I am not yet very familiar with. I placed the intent with my smart speaker for the same. After checking the traffic situations on my route, the parking location availability and usability (snow level on the car park) for my workspace, it returned the result on whether I should be availing a ride service or whether I can drive my car. My smart speaker also reminded me of my carbon footprint and reminded me of my position among the community which I am part of along with the greenhouse gas emissions happening in real-time in my city. Based on the inputs from my smart speaker, I opted for an autonomous ride service as an environmental activist. Ride service API which is integrated with my lifestyle data repository updated my travel details and the carbon consumption I had during my trip. My #AI engine after detecting the context of the journey invoked a set of recommended short media assets on my smartphone based on my viewing pattern when I commute between home and office. I watched a couple of knowledge-centric movie clips on my smartphone during the commute time between home and office.

My office entrance has opened the access for me through Iris authentication. By the time I reached my smart office cabin, it was set with the right kind of light and temperature ambience for my liking which I have configured using IFTTT engine within my office workspace app. After a couple of hours of hectic work activity that was being tracked by my smart cloth, my #AI assistant reminded me of the short break that I have to take as part of my wellness. It proposed a short walk through the office premise for a relaxation and opened up internal navigation engine built within my workplace app on my smartphone. While walking through the corridors, I was reminded of the access and entry restrictions defined within the building. I picked up a coffee from pantry through the smart speaker kept at the pantry and then moved back to my cabin. My #AI assistant after detecting the environmental lighting and the post noon time context has opened the window blinds to deliver a more relaxed room ambience for me this time. Now as a senior management member, I got the notification from the security team on the readiness of the security dashboard for the day. Dashboard data consisted of security KPI data such as lobby experience, occupancy heat map and footprint data, intrusion alarms, anomaly notifications, asset location and movement data etc aggregated using vision sensors, location sensors, fire sensors, air quality sensors, flow sensors, temperature and pressure sensors etc.

Reaching home through the same mode of autonomous transport ensured by my #AI assistant, my #IoT ecosystem at home invoked the #IFTTT rules that ensured the right ambience for my home. My #AI assistant also placed the home delivery order for dinner with my nearest favorite restaurant with additional inputs on my ETA at home. After dinner, it was time for some relaxation and entertainment. I asked my smart speaker to stream the movie I wanted to watch on my big screen. While my smart speaker responded with a positive message and action, my lighting system got invoked with the right lighting ambience based on the genre and mood of the movie fed from my OTT platform to my home controller.

While completing the movie, #AI assistant reminded me of the next day’s schedule, and the duration of the sleep required. I triggered my lifestyle dashboard to look at my lifestyle data. It reflects my health, my community footprint in terms of the care and harm that I have made through my actions and interactions, my environment health, my home health, my food inventory and replenishment status and my household inventory status, my mental health based on the time span spent across various personal and professional activities etc. My #AI assistant has outlined a lifestyle plan for me based on my score on different performance indicators. It is time for sleep again for another smart lifestyle journey to be started on the next day with more smartness and contextual intelligence around me.

Now let me come out of the aspirational lifestyle that I visualized above. While the technologies capable of making such an aspirational lifestyle have achieved the required maturity to achieve the aspirational world that I have visualized above, I have to wait further to become part of such a world. While I experience the benefits of #IoT and #AI driven lifestyle transformations even now, they are available to me in discrete and disconnected forms only due to the non-interoperable closed loop systems and solutions getting built without a customer centric approach.