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Note from the editor

Cantor’s Paradise is a weekly Medium publication of math-, science- and technology-related essays.

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Jørgen Veisdal
Editor-in-Chief at Cantor’s Paradise. Research fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
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Davi Miller
I does the thinking thing 💡
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Mark Dodds
Typical Web Ninja | Unapologetic Food Enthusiast | University undergraduate and cheese aficionado
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Panda the Red
Index gymnast, operator quantizer, and lover of all things nanoscale. I am eternally trapped in the library, someone please send help.
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Luke Cooper
Undergraduate Pure Mathematics student with a passion for effective communication in maths.
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Waldo Otis
I know that you need some words to talk. Here, reading will be perfect for you.
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Marguerite Siboni
Data Scientist and Mechanical Engineering. Fan of sustainability, mindfulness, television, design, and feminism. Formerly Apple, Square, and MIT.
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Alexandr Honchar
🇺🇦 🇮🇹 AI entrepreneur and practitioner. Consulting, giving talks, teaching, writing. Co-founder, CTO @NeuronsLab | Partner, Architect @Mawi
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Michael Carlisle
NYC Math PhD, Data Science stories
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Maths and Musings
I’m a student at Cambridge, who loves Mathematics and Philosophy and writing. This is my equivalent of a stress ball. I hope you find my thoughts interesting…
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Ibrahim Sharaf ElDen
Somewhere at the intersection of SWE, ML, and NLP | Research Engineer at Mawdoo3.com | Writer at Towards Data Science | https://github.com/ibrahimsharaf
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Andrei Tapalaga ✒️
Avid Writer with invaluable knowledge in Business Studies, History and Psychology. “You make your own life” atapalaga97@gmail.com /University of Surrey
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Mark Pedigo
PhD, Mathematics. Data scientist by day, adjunct by night, occasional musician, aspiring writer.
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Jesus Najera
Owner @ SetDev.io & CryptoSpace (VR Blockexplorer) | Product Designer | Hobbyist Mathematician | VR Developer | MS in Finance @ UF
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Micah Shute
Computer and Software Engineer. Former Nuclear Submarine Officer, USNA ’12.
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Steven Rosa
he/him. Data science & tech writing in Brooklyn NY. http://linkedin.com/in/ssrosa | http://github.com/ssrosa
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Francesco Di Lallo
*Graduate mathematician *Pro climber *I like to make higher level mathematics accessible to the proletariat
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Matthew Ward
Poetry, short stories, novels, writing advice. For more information visit: amindformadness.com
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Nicolus Rotich
I am a Software/Algorithmic Developer and Science Writer at NR Publications. Most of my content is freshly distilled from up-to-date scientific journal papers.
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Maike Elisa
M. Sc. Mathematics | Educational Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Passion for writing, doing & teaching Math | Kiter | Acro-Yogi | Digital Nomad | Co-Author