7pm — 2am: The Time to Build Greatness

I read an absurd amount of business productivity and entrepreneurial articles for a seventeen year old. One of my favorite writers on Medium is Gary Vaynerchuk. Last week, Vaynerchuk wrote the 4 New Years Resolutions You Should Make to Improve Your Career, and his number two tip was:

2. Audit Your 7pm to 2am
Back in the days of my first big keynotes, and my first book Crush It, I began to get obsessed with the time period between 7pm and 2am. I do not think that there is a more practical way to bring happiness and joy to your life, whether it’s financial or creative, than to really audit your 7pm to 2am.
I am quite practical about things; it might not be what people expect from me, but I am. That time between when the traditional work day ends and when you fall asleep is the white space for so many people to do great things around businesses. Whether that’s advancing your career by staying in the office late, or going home and building out your cooking blog or SoundCloud account, use that time more wisely in 2016.

Coincidently, that is the time when Canvas Magazine, and even this article, is created.

This struck a chord with me. What is so special about 7–2? In simple terms, it is the time when the average worker’s day has come to a close — work is done, dinner is served, and now it’s my time. But there has to be something special about this time, for too many great 2am dreams have been realized.

During recent history, the 7–2 time period has been filled with family, hobbies, and television programs. Prime time shows, 8pm-11:30, rob three precious hours from this slot. But replacing these distractions with work creates a new seven hour work day to work on your own passion projects.

For the same reason great ideas occur in the shower, great work happens when you are relaxed, and are at a mindless, distraction-free state. 7–2am is that time for many. While others are retiring to their beds, you can be up building the next big thing. In a question posed to entrepreneurs by Lifehacker, 5 of the 12 responses mentioned the evening and midnight hours to be their most productive time of the day.

Make sure you take advantage of your 7pm to 2am this year. Let us know what you plan on making in this time slot in 2016 in the comments.

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