CanYa January 2020 Update

Jan 8 · 4 min read

CanWork is now live on Binance Chain and other news.

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What’s happened since the last update?

We hope our community had a great break over Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We are looking forward to a prosperous and productive 2020 together.

The CanYa team worked up until late December and then had a short break for Christmas and the New Year. Since the last update we:

  • Deployed CanWork live on Binance Chain!

CanWork goes live on Binance Chain

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In the culmination of six months of solid development work, CanWork was successfully re-engineered and deployed on Binance Chain on Christmas Eve 2019. We are incredibly excited to take this first step on our journey with Binance’s infrastructure and community.

Initially, only BEP2 $CAN will be available for payments on the platform, however, by early 2020 the development team expect to have the full array of BEP2 token payments available including $BNB.

Between now and then, the team will be focussing on building the necessary onboarding documentation for our users and testing the platform. We want to have the strongest possible user-experience so we can launch BEP2 payments with a bang amongst the Binance community.

You can read more about why we made the decision to move to Binance Chain, the development work involved and the benefits it will bring via the following blogs:

Why we moved to Binance Chain:

Development work on Binance Chain past, present and future:

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We saw the CanYaDAO membership grow again this month. Membership numbers grew by 30% to 82 and the staked amount grew by 50% to a total of over 15% of the $CAN circulating supply being staked. We continue to pay out 1% / month on staked balances for ‘active members’.

(Active members must re-stake CAN once a month)

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BEPSwap Update

The CanYa team have been closely following the Thorchain team’s progress on BEPSwap due to its importance for our 2020 and beyond road map. The code is currently under 3rd party review. The economics and TSS are also about to undergo 3rd party review.

After the code audit, we expect the Thorchain team to release BEPSwap and shortly after that we will begin the integration for $CAN and CanWork. In an exciting development, the Thorchain team anticipate MainNet to be ready much faster than initially anticipated meaning $BTC / $ETH support at a much earlier date. This is good news for the CanYa community as it means CanWork will open its doors to $BTC and other crypto payment support much earlier than anticipated.

You can keep up to date with the Thorchain release news on Telegram here:

What’s planned for the next month?

The team are looking forward to getting back into the office and starting what will be a very busy 2020! Here’s what we’ll be working on next month:

  • $BEP2 & $BNB integration for CanWork
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Do you need more information? Come join the CanYa Community Telegram Channel

You can also reach us anywhere below:

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Information about the CanYa Project, and other interesting…

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