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CanYa partners with Dock for decentralised Login and Account Verification

The CanYa team are pleased to announce the integration of to our ecosystem. Dock is a decentralised log in and profile management solution with over one million users. The first integration will be for our flagship digital freelance marketplace, CanWork.

What is Dock?

Dock gives data ownership back to the people while also connecting your online accounts through blockchain technology. Rather than third party companies being able to sell your data, Dock allows the individual to determine who can access their data and who can’t. Additionally it also helps check if your current or past data has been compromised in any way.

It is also a tool to help your information be synchronised across your online presence. Change your work address? Got a new qualification? Rather than updating multiple sites manually all dock users need to do is update their dock profile and these updates will be automatically pushed across all of your web presence (where permission has been granted).

Why Dock?

Dock already has more than 1,000,000 profiles with information from multiple sources, including education, qualifications and work experience. As CanWork’s freelancers need to be professionally verified, Dock provides a perfect solution for this. Additionally, CanWork’s providers will be able to increase the strength and reputation of their Dock profile to be used across any other platforms they frequent. Finally, being a decentralised platform itself, Dock will ensure that CanWork’s users will never have to compromise their data security.

The partnership going forward

Dock’s freelance users will be encouraged to check out the CanWork platform and create a profile using the seamless log in process from their existing dock account. Dock will become the log on option of choice for the CanYa ecosystem of dApps as it is secure, simple and decentralised.

We hope to continue to develop and foster the decentralised web ecosystem and look to further ways in which CanYa and Dock can work together.

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