CanYa September Update

Sep 11, 2019 · 6 min read
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Building on Binance Chain, CanWork improvements and a marketing update.

What’s happened since the last update?

  1. BEPTools progress

BEPTools — CanYa’s development on Binance Chain

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CanYa continued to make strides on Binance Chain building tools and infrastructure for our applications and the entire Binance Chain community.

You can see our progress and keep up to date here:

So far we have completed:

This month the dev team delivered:

  • BEP39 — Upgrade Websocket to include MEMO is now activated on Binance Chain mainnet. An additional data field, it allows more information to be derived from third-party services watching accounts and paves the way for us to build our hedged payments service for CanWork.
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CanWork Improvements

We believe quality and trust is fundamental to the future success of the CanWork marketplace. So, over the last month, we spent a lot of time getting to know our users, removing abandoned accounts and verifying service providers. You will have likely noticed an overall quality improvement.
(We will talk more about this is a separate CanWork-focussed video.)

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Example profile card of one of our newly verified Digital Illustrators, Astrid Abreau.

We continued to improve the UI & UX including:

  • Basic markdown capabilities for text formating in job posts & profiles. This will likely expand to an advanced text editor in the future

Incidentally, we also halted development on issues & aspects of CanWork related to the Ethereum blockchain as we prepare for the Binance Chain migration.

  • CanWork demo. CanWork community manager, Johan, made a quick demo video of CanWork to hire an illustrator. Check it out here:
CanWork Demo Video — Hiring and Illustrator
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Preparing to ‘Build On Binance’

Binance Chain developments have reached a point where we can begin building our apps. We’ve been preparing for this imminent “Building on Binance” which includes the CanYaDAO; BEP2 Wallet integration, BEP2 Payments and hedged escrow for CanWork.

We begin this September and the order of developments will be:

  • CanYaDAO — Staking functionality only

We will release separate blog on this in the future and keep you updated on the developments.

Credit Cards: Importantly, the CanYa team solved transition issues to ensure that the Limepay integration and credit card availability remains extant until a solution is found with $BEP2. Credit card payments are pivotal for the CanWork experience and the platform’s growth. The team is currently working on solutions for $BEP2 credit card support (watch this space!).

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Platform growth during the Binance Chain migration

The team and founders at CanWork understand that this period can be frustrating while we build the technology to completely transition from an Ethereum based platform to Binance Chain.

Several great opportunities await the CanWork platform once it has been migrated to Binance Chain. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Co-operation and competitions with Binance to promote CanWork as its flagship dApp

JP: “Binance Chain is an amazing ecosystem. Excellent technology, easy to build on and a deeply engaged community — Binance Chain is where you want to be.”

Binance announced its open-source development platform, dubbed ‘Binance X. Hear what JP Thor has to say in this video.

In the meantime, there is still plenty the team is doing to continue growing and improving the CanWork experience.

UI / UX improvements: The CanWork platform’s front end and user experience will continue to be improved in the interim phase. This is an ongoing process to optimise CanWork and ensure it has the best chance to thrive once it moves to Binance Chain.

Quality control: Throughout 2019 CanWork’s user base has grown at a steady rate considering its niche target audience. To attract clients and job posts the CanYa team has implemented higher standards for new and existing providers. Those not meeting the standards will be denied or removed from the platform. Although this will reduce the provider growth rate we think its best for the long term viability and reputation of the platform.

Paid advertising: The team have been constantly tweaking our paid advertising strategy to optimise for the target audience (both digital freelancers familiar with cryptocurrency and those looking to book them). This will continue particularly now focussing on the client-side of the marketplace thanks to the aforementioned UI/UX improvements and quality control.

Direct Marketing & Partnerships: There are many opportunities available to co-operate with other projects on Binance chain. The team is already working through a number of these. Additionally, we’re reaching out to start-up hubs and other client-heavy organisations to post their jobs on CanWork. We are in contact with 27 such organisations between Sydney and Melbourne alone (we will be broadening our reach once an optimised process is determined). An extension of this philosophy is attending events such as StartCon in Sydney ( which the team will be attending this year to network and promote the platform.

Remember, not only is CanWork ~20x cheaper to use for freelancers, it is also, on average, 9% cheaper to use for our clients. This point is important, particularly when targeting clients who may not be as familiar with cryptocurrency and more likely to use our credit card payment feature.

Competitions: The team will be continuing competitions that encourage use of the platform, support our freelancers and bring new clients to CanWork. Additionally, we still have our community fund set aside to run a competition of the community’s choice focussing on bringing awareness to CanWork. This is something we are keen to focus on and gain traction throughout September.

Plans for October

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  • CanYa DAO. The development team will be using their BEP improvements from the previous few months to start putting together the CanYa DAO. We hope to have the Beta release of the CanYa DAO released by the end of October. This will allow our token holders to stake their tokens with further functionality to be added in the coming months.

Come join the CanYa Community Telegram channel.

Or hit us up on any of the links below:


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Information about the CanYa Project, and other interesting…

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