Capdax Making Cryptocurrency Trading Convenient for All

Jan 29, 2018 · 3 min read

On January 1, 2017, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies hit $17 billion USD, while 24h trading volumes worldwide maxed out at $292 million. On December 31, 2017, the market capitalization of the Cryptocurrency space reached a staggering $610 billion and 24h trading volume hit record highs at $33 billion.

Looking at the statistics it is clear cryptocurrency is a significant entity in the current world of economics. Subsequently, trade in the same is reaching astronomical proportions with each waking day. The rise, however, hasn’t been restricted to the proliferation of crypto coins. Exchanges that offer tools for dealers that trade in digital assets have increased almost proportionally as a result. Unfortunately, these exchanges are generic, and almost none provides custom tools that can help seasoned traders and novices alike. Such a situation will soon change with the unveiling of the Capdax Exchange.

What is Capdax and Why is it Important?

Capdax is the next generation crypto coin exchange that caters to the needs of both professional dealers in digital assets as well as newbie traders. Developed and steered by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that have experienced the industry for many years, Capdax represents the aspirations of the everyday dealer. Importantly, the exchange has an architecture that incorporates the dynamism of the crypto-trading ecosystem with the intention of rewarding every dealer that uses the tools the exchange avails.

Features of the Capdax Exchange:

1. Comprehensive suite of advanced trading tools

Users can customize their trading dashboards with only the asset pairs they prefer to trade. Also, the platform enables dealers to follow some coins and get a detailed analysis of the same.

2. Easy Mode for Newbies

If you are new to crypto trading and are wondering how to give it a start, worry not; Capdax has a way out. The ‘Easy Mode’ has a quick tutorial that will familiarize you with the exchange. Moreover, the mode provides an easy way of placing orders for the trading pairs you want to execute.

3. Stellar Customer Service

The exchange has knowledgeable, well-trained staff that is easy to reach via the widest array of communication platforms. They will always be one message away from sorting out issues and arising complications.

4. Heightened Privacy and Security

Aside from the necessary standardization; ISO 27001 and 27002, the exchange provides further security measures. For instance, it stores client cash that is not up for immediate use in offline secure cold storage.

5. Social Trading

Social Trading is an exciting new feature allowing users to “follow” more experienced traders by copying their portfolio and mirroring all future adjustments. This allows inexperienced traders or those without enough time to invest their money in someone with more experience. This has huge benefits for both the Leader and the Followers (see image below)

Social Trading Illustration

Overall, the Capdax Exchange aims to provide:

· Enhanced user experience
· Simplified yet very advanced user interfaces
· Innovating trading environment
· Secure platform that is thoroughly audited
· Premier customer supported offered by real people

How Can You Participate in The Capdax Token Generation Event?

The Token Generation Event will start on February 17th, 2018, with a crowdsale cap of US$7 million available for whitelisted participants. The sale will last for 4 weeks, or until it sells out. Register here to get on the whitelist:

Interesting, right? Learn more about Capdax, involve yourself in our community and keep the conversation going!

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Capdax Exchange

Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange


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Marketing Specialist at Capdax: A seasoned online global marketing professional, Rayed brings a wealth of experience to the marketing initiatives for Capdax.

Capdax Exchange

Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange

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