João Zorro
Aug 15 · 3 min read

“There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela

Joao Zorro is the Dynamics 365 practice lead of the Capgemini Microsoft team and this is the latest person in the advice to a junior developer series

A place for everyone

The development world is so big and diverse that we can all find our place and be successful. Not all of us need to be an “hardcore” .NET developer or Python guru. For example, I’ve started my career as an ASP .NET because that was what I’ve learned in university. I never saw myself as an extremely good software developer (and some of my teachers can confirm that!) but I knew SOLID principles, liked to have my code “pretty” and “organised”, testable, etc, and then one day I was introduced to Dynamics CRM V4 and I saw potential on that platform.

I decided to apply for a job as .NET Developer but have agreed with my new employer that I wanted to get into Dynamics. How did I start my learning? Long story short: borrowed a book from a friend; went on holidays to Amsterdam; a volcano that erupted in Iceland closed the European airspace; and I read the whole book on my 25h trip back to Portugal!

The right tool

Find the role/programming language that makes you happy and use that “tool” to create solutions you are proud of.

I found my place in the market but applying the extremely good software development principles I’ve learned as an ASP .NET developer to Dynamics. Delivering Dynamics 365 projects that I’m proud of is one of the things that makes me jump from bed every morning. I want to deliver projects that can be supported, that people don’t look and say “Spaghetti code!”. Of course, with Dynamics you write the minimum code possible but when you do it you need to be proud of it.

Find your passion

Find your passion and everything will become much easier.

Reading every single page of an IT book on a 25-hour trip must be passion — or you are just insane! Passion is key for everything in your life. If you aren’t passionate about what you do every day will be a nightmare to go to work!

Aim high

Always look to make the step up, to get promoted. Don’t wait until you are ready or give it another year in your current role. Find out what you need to do to get promoted and start making plans to get those skills and experiences and making your promotion case.

Assume they will say yes

Lots of people assume they are not allowed to do something, assume their manager will say no. The reality is people often don’t say no but you didn’t find out because you never asked, or you never did it. Instead assume they will agree with you and if they don’t then you will have to ask for forgiveness.

Work hard

Nothing worthwhile comes easy, it takes hard work and dedication but it’s worth it because if it was easy, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be so valuable.

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