How attachment management can save you money in Dynamics 365

You must gain control of data storage in Dynamics 365 or it will cost you

Storage costs on Dynamics 365 projects can cost a lot per month, if you can store documents and data in other cheaper storage methods you can make dramatic savings. This post will discuss a new tool which allows you to save documents in Azure and lower your storage costs.

Recently I had a requirement to store attachments in Dynamics 365, and a valid question was raised regarding the storage costs. A colleague of mine mentioned an alternative in the name of Attachment Management, which is a byproduct of the work done by the team within Microsoft called ‘Labs’.

Fortunately this product is no ‘Frankenstein’ and works with just a few steps. To set this up you will need the following:

  • Azure Storage Account with ‘Public Containers’
  • A Dynamics Trial instance (Or a paid licence)

Why would you consider this?

Storing documents in Dynamics 365 is expensive, the common workaround is using SharePoint but this brings additional costs and the out of the box SharePoint configuration doesn’t always work as needed. Storing documents in Azure blobs can save money and allow you to easily share those documents with other Azure applications

The benefits are

  • Easier to share files in other apps
  • Cheaper than Dynamics 365 storage (Charged per GB, per month)
  • Flexible storage solution, Blobs are constantly improving, for example Azure Search is becoming available on them.

Top Tip. The installation guide does not tell you is how to adjust the attachment size in Dynamics 365, By default it is 5mb. This setting can be changed within Dynamics.

Setting the attachment size.

The next article I will show you how to set this up on a trial instance of Dynamics — Setting up attachment manager for Dynamics 365

Picture by Tom Ashworth from the Capgemini Microsoft team