Capgemini Microsoft Team — A Functional Consultant’s First Month

I want to share my first month experience as a Microsoft Dynamics Functional Consultant for Capgemini. This is why Capgemini Microsoft team believe Functional consultants are important — Why Dynamics 365 Functional Consultants are important to enterprise size projects

Realizing my potential

At Capgemini there are roles for each stage of your career. The route you take is for you to decide, and your colleagues will help guide you on that path . Our internal learning library has a plethora of technology-specific, leadership-specific and interpersonal-specific training courses which are there to support you and help you progress in your role. It is up to you to push hard, to take these opportunities and to grow as an individual.

Life as a Functional Consultant

I have been involved with projects during my first month, and have been engaged with clients building strong business relationships. My tasks have included: engaging with the client to acquire functional requirements and converting them into User Stories; building and configuring Microsoft Dynamics instances by using JavaScript, C# and Out of the Box tools ; testing and problem solving.

Epics, User stories, Tasks and Bugs

During my first month, I have worked closely with the Azure DevOps tool which helps our project teams to organise our Agile sprints and to keep track of progress . As a Functional Consultant, it is one of our duties to ensure that Azure DevOps is clear, organised and (most importantly ) used to its full potential to realise business benefit. Your own career progression will probably feel something similar to an Azure Board (Epics, User Stories, Tasks and bugs). Capgemini has in place support structure which aims to help organise your own ‘real life’ Azure Board.

My 7 core values

Since learning about Capgemini and going through the recruitment process, I realise how the 7 core values of Capgemini are not just guidelines— but a lifestyle to live by (honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, fun, modesty, and team spirit). Each value is always at the heart at what we do here at Capgemini and drives us each day.

Capgemini Microsoft team

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