The best features from Visual Studio 2019 launch event

Logan Talbot
Apr 8 · 3 min read

Visual Studio 2019 launch event last Tuesday marked the date that Visual Studio 2019 released its first stable version. They showed a lot of great new features and improvements to existing ones.

You can now download it right now even with Visual Studio 2017 installed on your computer. According to the Visual Studio team, Visual Studio 2019 should not conflict with older versions which I know is a lot of developers’ main concerns due to their experiences with earlier versions (download here).

The launch event started with a key note hosted by Scot Hanselman and the Visual Studio team. It moved to in-depth 30-minute sessions with new features and how Visual Studio 2019 integrates better with the tools we use to develop (e.g. .NET Core 3.0, AI and Azure DevOps). No need to worry if you missed the event you can catch up on Youtube.

Below, there are a few notable features that make me excited for Visual Studio 2019.

Live Share

In Visual Studio 2019 Live Share will be included by default. This feature has already been introduced in Visual Studio Code as an extension. This feature will be one of the main reason Visual Studio will remain competitive against other IDEs.

Live share allows you to share your code and collaborate with up to 30 users where they can make edits, debug and walk through code in real time. Live Share includes the ability to share your locally hosted web application and your terminal session like it was run on your own machine (more about live share).


IntelliSense with just A-Z indexing is a long way from what intellicode now provides. With the power of machine learning, it will examine your code and provide you with smart suggestions which will lead you to quickly select the right method, class, property, etc. For example, with NewtonSoft’s JsonConvert class, intellicode will list DeserializeObject and SerializeObject method at the top due to their popularity of usage, reducing the need to scroll.

These suggestions are sourced by the machine learning algorithm building its model from 1000s of highly rated open source GitHub repositories. BUT what if the suggestions do not conform to your or teams way of coding? You can simply provide your own repository to make a model which can be shared across your organization.

IntelliCode is currently a downloadable extension, but I reckon it will be soon included into Visual Studio 2019 by default (more about intellicode).

New startup window and project creation

Visual Studio 2019 comes with a more modern look and feel to the start window and project creation. The functionality is the same as Visual Studio 2017, it looks a lot cleaner and gives you easier access to your recent projects.

For creating a project, a similar layout is used but with a lot more filtering options. Suggestions are provided when you cannot find the template you are looking for.

Filtered solutions

Some large development teams will only use a single solution that may contain many 100 projects, but of these projects, you will only ever use a small subset of these. This results in loading lots of unnecessary projects that you may not even run. New to Visual Studio 2019 you can unload the unnecessary projects and save the configuration of the solution to be used again and to be shared to your team. The advantage of this is that it “decreases solution load, build, and test run time, and enables more focused review” (more about filtered solutions).

What was your most notable feature from the Visual Studio 2019 launch event? Please comment below and thank you for reading.

Capgemini Microsoft team

To share best practices, knowledge and experiences of the Capgemini Microsoft team

Logan Talbot

Written by

Logan Talbot, Software Engineer at Capgemini from the United Kingdom. Specialising in software development and architecture in Azure and .NET.

Capgemini Microsoft team

To share best practices, knowledge and experiences of the Capgemini Microsoft team

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