Setting up attachment manager for Dynamics 365

In How attachment management can save you money on Dynamics 365 we wrote about the benefits of azure attachment manager. In this article we will look at the steps required to configure it on Dynamics 365. The setup takes approximately 10 minutes.

Getting Started

You will need:

  • Attachment Storage installed from AppSource
  • An Azure Subscription with a blob storage account

Installing Attachment Storage

The first step is to obtain Azure Attachment Management from Microsoft AppSource. Follow the steps when prompted during the install.

Configuring Dynamics and Azure

  1. Login to your azure subscription and access the Azure Portal, navigate to your blob storage account and generate a SAS(Shared Access Signature).
SAS Key from the Azure Portal, While there also grab the Account name.

2. Now create 3 containers named notes, emails and account. You should have something that looks like this once you are finished.

3. In Step 1 you obtained the account name and the SAS Key. It is now time to provide the information required to connect our instance to blob storage. To do this, navigate to the attachment manager.

4. Click ‘Azure Blob Storage Setup’. You will see the following screen, Provide the SAS Key and Account name we obtained in the previous step.

Side note: You can map certain entities to certain containers, for instance I map the account entity to a container called account.

5. I recommend you follow the Microsoft guide. Basically, it tells you to add a few web resources to the entity form.

6. Once you have followed the Guide, go to the Chosen entity (Account in my case) and locate the attachment Tab.

7. Attach some files (There is a 10mb file limit)

Remember to click Save.

8. Back to Azure Storage and Voila! As if by magic, your document is stored in Azure Blob Storage.

Picture by Luke Phillips