Top sessions to come from .NET Conf

Logan Talbot
Nov 15 · 4 min read

With the release of .NET Core 3.0 coinciding with the .NET Conf this year, a lot of great and useful sessions came out of the conference which I have thoroughly enjoyed. This led me to catch up on a number of sessions over the last week or so, on-demand.

I focus on picking a small selection of sessions out of the 70+ session at the .NET Conf 2019, that I have found useful or interesting to me as a .NET developer.

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My top sessions to come from the .NET Conf 2019

Azure App Configuration — Making Centralized Configuration Easy

Jimmy Campbell presents a new Azure Service for centralized configuration management for all of your applications inside Azure. This works to replace the need for all of the configuration inside each applications’ appsettings.json. You can use this inside your Azure Pipelines to store your pipeline configuration variables, making it a powerful tool for both Software and DevOps Engineers.

Even thou this is a secure service and will encrypt your configurations, it will not replace the need for KeyVault due to it only been designed for general-purpose configuration values. Jimmy did say that in a later update to the service you will soon be able to use App Configuration Service to securely call KeyVault reducing the need of connecting two services to your applications.

Building modular, multi-tenant ASP.NET Core apps with Orchard Core framework

This session shows you how to make modular and multi-tenanted ASP.NET Core application by focusing in on the Orchard Core Framework. This session is the first time I have been introduced to this technology and I can see the real potential for it in some of my past projects. Allowing you to break up your UI layer into smaller chunks. The ability to make it easier to create SaaS products with similar capabilities to Wordpress (see example).

Azure Services Every .NET Developer Needs to Know!

If you are a .NET developer and new to Azure, this is a great session to get the recommended services on Azure that .NET Developer needs to know to be effective quickly. It goes through 5 key services:

Blazor and Azure Functions for Serverless Websites

Implementing a fully serverless solution with a Blazor (.NET in the browser) application hosted via a storage account and using Azure functions to handle the backend web workloads. Resulting in an application which is cost-effective (compared to App Services) and scalable with minimum overhead.

The Science of Great UI

Mark Miller talks about small changes to the UI which can make a bigger impact too how the user perceives the information on the screen and how you can direct their attention. For example, by using certain colours with high contrast makes text harder to read or using rounded corners better than pointy corners.

An Introduction to GraphQL in NET Core

The speaker goes over the basics of GraphQL and how it can be used in .NET Core to use GraphQL as a provider (serverside) and a consumer (clientside).

GraphQL is a query language which is used to query existing data at the REST API level and allows you to provide a complete description of the data for your clients to ask for exactly what they need. This reduces the amount that is required to be transmitted over the line, making it easier for your APIs to change over time.

The current libraries that are recommended for use are:

  • Hot Chocolate — “A GraphQL Server for .NET core and .NET classic”
  • graphql-dotnet — “This is an implementation of Facebook’s GraphQL in .NET.”

Wrapping Up

I hope you found the above sessions as useful as I do in my .NET development. If you find anymore session from the .NET Conf that you would like to recommend to me and the readers, please comment below.

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Logan Talbot

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Logan Talbot, Software Engineer at Capgemini from the United Kingdom. Specialising in software development and architecture in Azure and .NET.

Capgemini Microsoft team

To share best practices, knowledge and experiences of the Capgemini Microsoft team

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