The Front-End Developer — Full-Stack Developer Paradox

Bridging the Gap in Development

Jason Dalton
Jun 25, 2018 · 5 min read
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Front-end developers saw themselves as only working with HTML, images, and documents they were using for visual context. Back-end developers only worked on the database, API’s, business logic, and the closest they got to visualization of the data was generating reports.

In the new paradigm, a designer could create a web-based design using some tools like Fireworks or Illustrator and a web server. This paradigm was very successful for content-driven websites. It also had a very low-cost entry point for new developers to get their feet wet.

  • All Developers- Make the argument to your bosses that they should start using something like NodeJS for development. A different tech stack for the backend can be beneficial to all kinds of developers and the company. It gives the company more flexibility to meet the needs of the market and gives them the ability to hire developers with more diverse skillsets.
  • Employers — Can also do things to narrow the gap and lessen the paradox. One thing would be training for developers on both frontend UI and UX. I would argue this training should be more than take a class and consider it done. Sending your developers to conferences, group watching parties of videos on UX, set up a mentoring program, and general continual education on front-end development is needed to keep your team and their skillset updated.
  • Hiring Managers — Look for developers that show a thirst for new knowledge (you’re probably doing this anyway). Developers that are continually learning new things are more apt to take up the frontend and run with it or dig into learning new languages used on the backend.

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