The Problem With The National Party

Disclaimer: The following is an opinion piece.

I would be lying if I said that it isn’t interesting having such a bi-partisan environment within the server. Not only does a hyper-functioning environment exist, but there’s virtually no disagreements which are major enough to escalate into a political rivalry. That may seem fine, but in reality, it’s a deep problem, for everyone. It breeds no debate, which has severe consequences. Politicians don’t feel accountable. Legislation has no vetting process. Both of these things contribute to a stale environment, one which doesn’t serve the purpose of a mock-government server.

The National Party is the reason we have those problems right now. The whole purpose of it is to be an umbrella party, a party which represents all of the views of the country. That directly leads to to the aforementioned problem-a hyper bi-partisan political environment. The ramifications of this have already been discussed, but the National Party takes them to the next level. It is virtually impossible for them to take a unified stance on any policy issue. After all, they are an umbrella party. What this means if that when their members are elected into office, the people have no idea what they stand for. It doesn’t help that most do not easily publicize their views.

President Castor Official Portrait

But the above situation would normally not be possible. After all, people don’t vote blindly. However, one man makes it possible: President Castor. He’s someone who commands respect and admiration from both sides, and deservedly so. His policies are well known, and the manner he conducts himself makes him a charismatic figure. His success has translated to his National Party, and allowed them to win, and that’s dangerous. We do not know what his party stands for right now, besides vague buzzwords. President Castor must be held accountable, and ensure his party creates a well refined platform. Otherwise, politicians who we don’t know will continue to hold power.