Becoming Better Experience Leaders

Watch all the talks and panels from 2017’s Leading Experience Conference

LX 2017: Designing Better Futures, Lisa Kay Solomon
LX 2017: The Story of Leading Experience: In Four Parts, Christina Wodtke
LX 2017: Get Cubed, Miles Orkin
LX 2017: Design for Growth, Angel Steger
LX 2017: Deliver the Value of Design at Scale, John Devanney
LX 2017: Bringing Diversity into Design, Eric Hellweg, Janaki Kumar, Emi Kolawole
LX 2017: WeWorks’s Polaris: A System for Deciding What to Work on, Tomer Sharon
LX 2017: UX Leadership: The Lesson No One Told You, Catherine Courage
LX 2017: The Human Blueprint, Julia Whitney
LX 2017: The Experience is the Product, Peter Merholz
LX 2017: Sense & Respond, Josh Seiden
LX 2017: It’s a beautiful Day, Isn’t it? Tao Porchon-Lynch



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Rahshia Sawyer

Rahshia Sawyer


Rahshia Sawyer is a creative professional and third-culture individual based in the Washington DC area.