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The ADEX Exit

Berlin, January 25th, 2017

Virtual minds, a German media and technology holding, announced today the major stakes’ acquisition of The ADEX, one of Germany’s leading specialists in data-management solutions.

Alongside the existing investors of Capnamic Ventures and the Covus group, Virtual Minds created one of the first technology exits in 2017 and made a mark for the potential of investments in the field of technology in Germany.

“We are thankful that we have been a part of the success story of The ADEX from day one until now. The company’s success shows us that there is a chance to bring data-driven business models to real success stories,” says Covus-founder, Sven Lubek.

Germany gets techy

“The ADEX’s successful exit shows the enormous potential for tech startups in Germany. Traditionally, a significant number of investments are directed into e-commerce models, but from here onwards the real tech topics will lead the agenda in Germany. This is also an important sign for investors that tech investments really work out,” says Jörg Binnenbrücker, Managing Partner at Capnamic Ventures.

The ADEX is ready to grow

For The ADEX, the acquisition brings sustainable, financial, and structural opportunities for growth and development. Virtual Minds will provide extensive capital to foster technological development within the company.

The growth plan will be pushed by founder and CEO, Dino Bongartz, who will also be responsible for the company’s development in the future. “It is our goal to push our product to become the best solution for data management in Europe. I want to thank Capnamic and Covus for the positive and trustful collaboration, and look forward to the future with Virtual Minds,” says Bongartz.

About The ADEX

The ADEX is a global technology specialist for data management.

A data management platform was developed with The ADEX DMP for technology that segments and analyzes data from a large variety of sources and structures. Customers then use the relevant data for internal purposes, or allow it to be used by external partners. The data is available in realtime for relevant target groups on digital marketplaces, such as Google, Appnexus or Adition, for advertising purposes. Various third-party data suppliers are integrated within ADEX DMP.

Further information is available at:

About Capnamic

Capnamic Ventures is one of Europe’s leading early-stage venture capital funds, with offices in Berlin and Cologne. The venture capital firm invests most of its funds in tech-startups from the DACH region. Capnamic connects all portfolio companies with its global network of investors and established industry partners.

The venture capital fund combines expertise drawn from more than 73 investments and 13 IPOs, with a strong entrepreneurial track record in the team. Partners include Jörg Binnenbrücker (@bibrue), Olaf Jacobi (@olafjacobi) and Christian Siegele.

Further information is available at:

About Covus

Covus Group is a leading company builder in the field of data-based, digital customer acquisition. The company focuses on machine learning and high-level automation, and ensures a global market coverage through their bases in Berlin, San Francisco and Mumbai. With a combination of deep product understanding and highly qualified employees, Sven Lubek and Markus Malti have lead the company through a period of constant growth since 2003.



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