The Truth is in the Code — Investing in Acellere and changing the way of programming

Olaf Jacobi
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3 min readJan 31, 2018


I’m very excited about our investment in Acellere. The company has developed an intelligent software analytics platform which supports teams in building high quality software — named ‘Gamma’.

We led the Series A in December 2017 and I joined Acellere’s Advisory Board. Just after our investment, the company has launched ‘Gamma’ in January 2018, and has already signed first international enterprise customers.

In the last years I have been more or less reluctant when we were evaluating startups in the DevOps toolchain sector because to me the market seemed quite overcrowded.

Our main concerns have been that most of these tools are providing only minor improvements for the developer and organizations. As a VC we want to invest in potential game changers — companies which can change an entire industry based on their technology and solutions, companies with the potential to get big and take a dominant role in their industry.

We share Acellere’s vision — that software should be clean, secure and easy to maintain especially in a world of increasingly complex software projects. This can only be achieved with building quality software right from the start supported by continuous integration, testing, and automation.

Gamma is more than just another static analyzer

The general purpose of static analysis is not to replace traditional testing, but to augment it. GAMMA is aiming to allow organizations to deliver higher code. It also differs from traditional testing methods as it can identify bugs or issues that may not be apparent to a tester, but can have negative impacts on product stability, performance, security or maintainability. Additionally GAMMA identifies design flaws in the codebase which helps organizations to keep their software platforms maintainable and extendable.

The Big Picture

  • Today GAMMA is analysing the code and is detecting coding errors.
  • Tomorrow GAMMA will help engineers to produce better code based on the learnings of millions of lines of code (stay tuned — more to come).

Through GAMMA software developers as well as software managers can:

  • Automatically prioritize code issues by severity
  • Reduce the time for code review by more than 50%
  • Identify critical performance issues before they become roadblocks
  • Effortlessly turn code issues into tasks

The Team

For four years, Vishal, Sud and the Acellere team (currently 35 people) have been working hard to rethink and rebuild the way code will be built and tested in the future.

Acellere’s team in Frankfurt/Main

Vishal and Sud are exactly the kind of entrepreneurs we love to back

Vishal has 18 years of telecom and software industry experience. He is an electronics engineer by qualification. Before founding Acellere, Vishal was leading Infosys’ telecom and media business unit in Europe and North America. Vishal’s passion is to industrialize software engineering. He is an alumni of Singularity University, California and counts upon the founding team of Singularity as advisors for Acellere.

Olaf and Vishal (October 2017 in New York)

Sud’s past experience include being one of the leading software architects at Cisco, where he was designing and optimizing highly complex software solutions for Cisco’s customers. With Digital (now HP), Sud developed technology frameworks and intellectual property. At Infosys he improved complex software design and development across its entire lifecycle. He has been an innovator of reference frameworks for core platform development for handheld devices (on the HP platform). He holds patents in speech recognition technologies.

Both have recruited a world-class team of former product and engineering leaders well equipped to change the way of programming.



Olaf Jacobi
Capnamic Ventures

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