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Olaf Jacobi
Capnamic Ventures
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3 min readOct 7, 2021


We are investing in Pre/Seed Startups with a special approach and program.

We have our fair share of experience investing in the really early phases as Capnamic has been investing in technology startups in the pre-seed, seed and A-round phases since our first fund. The focus of our investments — back then as today — is on the German-speaking regions (DACH).

Good examples for our pre-seed investments are Adjust, NoMagic, Accure, HiPeople and Lana Labs. With these successes and learnings resulting from them, we’re dedicating even more resources to our very early-stage investments. Meaning: Capnamic will invest in about 10 Pre-seed and Seed tech startups per year.

PRE/SEED Program

Pre/Seed simply means we’d like to get in first — product and tech risk are core to what we do, not a problem we seek to eliminate.

We have now launched a special Pre/Seed program, which follows an investment process tailored exactly to this company phase and offers support opportunities for our portfolio startups that do not yet have revenues and in some cases do not yet have a finished product.

As an investor, we work closely and actively with the founding teams. Depending on the age of the startup and the phase a company is in, different areas of support and collaboration are important.

Companies in the Pre- and Seed phase often do not yet have a complete team, the product may not yet have a 100% product-market fit and the go-to-market strategy is often not yet finally defined.

Especially in this phase it is crucial for a founding team to have a partner with whom they can work and exchange ideas on a daily basis. Mistakes that happen in this phase have an enormous impact and can have a huge influence on the entire later development.

Our Pre/Seed program and investment process are specifically designed for startups in this phase:

Contact and Pitch

  • Easy contact
  • Fast evaluation
  • First feedback within one week

Investment process

  • Lean and fast due diligence
  • Efficient investment contracts (convertible loan or equity investment)
  • Overall lower costs than an A or B round


  • Access to the entire Capnamic investment team
  • Founders Development Program
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Portfolio as a community
  • Investment reserves for follow-on rounds

Which startups are we looking for?

Whenever we’re convinced about a young team and idea, we’re ready to invest — whether the product and revenues are already in place or not. The sooner we jump on board, the better we can support you in bringing your ideas and ambitions to life.


We love to invest in startups that are active in meta markets. A perfect timing is when these meta markets are right before their inflection points.


We invest in companies that are developing scalable products and services via specialization and standardization by making use of existing services infrastructure and being software driven at their core.

If that sounds like the startup you’re working on, then we’d love to get to know you! We want to talk quickly and easily with founders and teams and give you the opportunity to pitch your ideas and startups. You should also have the opportunity to get to know us at an early stage.

For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to contact me quickly and without hurdles (almost) every Friday morning. .

Let’s chat!



Olaf Jacobi
Capnamic Ventures

Venture Capital Investor and Managing Partner @capnamic, former repeat entrepreneur — focusing on B2B tech startups.