3DShot for culture: how immersive technologies can benefit the cultural sector

Oct 25, 2021 · 4 min read

In times of digital change, the use of 3D technologies has an increasing impact on every industry, including the cultural sector. Until recently, 3D technologies were inaccessible for most cultural institutions and individuals, since creating a 3D visualization of an object was a time-consuming and expensive process and required a professional 3D artist’s expertise. The 3DShot mobile app is here to change that. Let’s dive into details.

3DShot is a mobile application for creating interactive 3D Views of objects, cars and real estate with a standard smartphone camera, and sharing the result on social media, websites, marketplaces, and classifieds. To digitize an object in 3D, the user opens the app, circles around the object, and 3DShot automatically creates a 3D View that can be further embedded into a website or shared on social media, marketplaces, and classifieds.

With 3DShot, you can create interactive 3D Views of objects of any size, which makes it possible for museums to digitize any exhibit in 3D, be it a small artifact, a sculpture, or even a car. All you need to create a high-quality 3D View is a smartphone camera, so creating 3D visualizations of exhibits is now accessible for all cultural institutions and individuals working in the cultural sector. Let’s see how you can use 3DShot in culture.

3DShot allows museums and art galleries to create immersive online exhibitions within a matter of minutes and reach a broader audience.

For cultural institutions looking for ways to make their exhibitions more accessible, 3DShot is an excellent tool. It allows museums and galleries to create virtual exhibitions to be showcased online and target a broader audience from all over the world. Unlike still images, the 3D View format is fully interactive and more engaging for visitors of online museums. It enables the audience to interact with exhibits; they can zoom in and examine all the details of represented artifacts, sculptures and pictures like they would offline. 3DShot helps cultural institutions to breach the gap between online and offline and make online visitors’ experiences more engaging.

3DShot comes with a range of 3D shooting modes (tiny objects like accessories, people, cars, real estate) and allows you to digitize any object in 3D. For instance, you can create a 3D View of an exhibit in the museum…

…and even digitize a vehicle at the classic car show.

It’s also possible to create panoramas of exhibition halls to provide your online museum’s visitors with an opportunity to view the exhibition as a whole.

Museums can showcase fragile exhibits in 3D without damaging the originals

On top of that, 3DShot allows museums to showcase items that are too fragile to display in real life. Pieces that need to be handled with care can be digitized in 3D and shown in digital format to the public. For visitors, this means that objects previously behind glass are now available to touch. This allows the museum’s visitors to closely examine the exhibits without causing any damage to the originals. While the original exhibits are stored safely, the audience can interact with their 3D Views.

Artists and sculptors can create immersive portfolios with 3D Views of their works to get a valuable competitive advantage in the labor market

The 3DShot mobile app is useful not only for cultural institutions but also for individuals who work in the cultural sector. In particular, artists and sculptors can create interactive portfolios with 3D Views of their works. Thanks to the interactive 3D View format, potential buyers and employers will be able to examine items from an all-around perspective, zoom in to see all tiny details and better understand the artist’s or sculptor’s vision. An immersive portfolio is a relatively new format and provides creators with a valuable competitive advantage in the labor market.

Sculptor: Aidyn Zeynalov, a Member of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Florence Academy of Fine Arts.

Museums’ visitors can create immersive content while visiting exhibitions and then share it on social media

3DShot is a great tool to create immersive content while visiting museums and art galleries and then to share your impressions of visited places with friends and followers on social media. For instance, you can shoot 3D Views of famous artists’ paintings and then show them to your family members who couldn’t join the trip. 3D Views of exhibits will allow your acquaintances to interact with them as they would in real life and learn more about them without actually visiting the exhibition. Additionally, immersive content is a great way to keep the memories from trips to cultural hotspots.

You can download the 3DShot from the App Store and Google Play.

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