3DShot for Flower Delivery Services

Watch the tutorial and start creating 3D View content today!

Feb 2 · 2 min read

The 3DShot mobile app allows you to create interactive 3D Views of any object, using just an iPhone. Previously we have shown you how to digitize apparel, cars, motorcycles and even machines or machine units! Now it’s time for something far more delicate — flowers.

Download 3DShot from the App Store.

3DShot for Flower Delivery Services:

  1. Choose the bouquet that you want to shoot as a 3D View and place it in a well-lit spot.
  2. Open the 3DShot app, select the Indoor 3D capturing mode, and start to record. Move slowly around the bouquet and make sure you don’t shoot too close to it.
  3. Use Zoom to remove the details that you don’t need and apply filters to improve the 3D View.
  4. Upload the result to your Cappasity account.

Here’s an example of what you could create with the 3DShot app:

Interactive 3D images allow clients to examine bouquets in detail, helping to increase engagement and improve the overall shopping experience. Flowers will come alive in 3D with 4K quality and zoom features.

Are you the owner of a flower delivery service?

  • Use interactive 3D content on your brand’s website to increase engagement and boost sales.
  • Grab the attention of potential clients by sharing bouquets digitized in 3D on social media.
  • Received an online order? Help your clients make an informed purchase decision by sending them a link to the 3D View.

Download 3DShot today and start creating your own immersive content.

To hear more about the app, take part in exciting challenges, and become a part of the community, subscribe to the app’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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