3DShot for Furniture: Boost Sales with the Help of 3D Content

Feb 8 · 2 min read

Watch the tutorial and start creating 3D View content today!

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According to Furniture Today, the furniture industry will enjoy a strong year in 2021 as sales are expected to grow by 3.3%, reaching $68 billion. Overall furniture estimates should reach $119.8 billion, a 4% annual growth.

Avito, one of the largest classified advertisement websites in the world, with more than 32 million website visitors per month, recorded an increase in the demand for furniture on its website in 2020. The indicator grew by 48% since 2019. The classified now has more ads in the Furniture and Interior Design category and the choice of products for those wishing to create a comfortable home is 31% wider than the year before.

The popularity of furniture sales through P2P / B2B2C marketplaces is clearly growing rapidly and merchants have already started to compete with each other for customers. The marketplace’s ability to display immersive content will greatly improve customer experience and boost sales.

Take a look at the experiences that merchants will be able to create thanks to the Cappasity 3D View format.

With the 3DShot mobile app, you can create an interactive 3D View of any furniture piece.

Download 3DShot from the App Store.


  1. Choose the furniture piece that you want to shoot as a 3D View. Make sure it is in a well-lit spot.
  2. Open the 3DShot app, select the Indoor 3D capturing mode, and start to record. Move slowly around the object and make sure you don’t shoot too close to it.
  3. Use Zoom to remove the details that you don’t need and apply filters to improve the 3D View.
  4. Upload the result to your Cappasity account.

Armed with 3D Views, website visitors will be able to examine each piece almost like in a physical store. 4K quality and zoom features will increase engagement and improve the overall shopping experience.

Are you the owner of a marketplace?

Contact us to make 3D product visualization available for your merchants.

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