3DShot for personal use: outstanding ideas for daily 3D View shooting

Jul 23 · 6 min read

Are you getting bored of taking your usual photos? Or feeling like your visual content on social networks is not engaging anymore? Let’s see how immersive content can enhance your daily life through technology and spice up your social media profiles.

Shoot inspiring 3D Views of nature

One of the best things about shooting nature is that it’s so accessible. It’s all around you, and there’s no need to travel far to find picturesque locations. With the 3DShot app, you can take your nature photography to the next level and make it more engaging. Your audience will have an opportunity to interact with the 3D View and feel like they’re located in the shot place or near the captured object.

For instance, you can create panoramas of the seaside, a flower field or mountains and show your audience how inspiring your homeland is. It’s also possible to create 3D Views of flowers in your backyard, fallen autumn leaves, fruit and berries in your garden, mushrooms in the nearest forest, birds and other wildlife. The best part is, every season brings something new, and nature gives you plenty of ideas for shooting 3D Views.

Create urban 3D Views

Big cities are full of great locations to create vibrant and breathtaking 3D Views. Simply look around you and scan the city for hidden patterns, small details, and exciting architecture. A city is an ever-changing environment, and even if you try to shoot a 3D View of the same location every day, it won’t be like the previous one. It’s a great idea to create 3D Views of graffiti and other street art, which don’t fit into the frame on a usual photo. You could also go to an observation deck and create a panorama of the incredible view.

Digitize your travel memories in 3D

Digitizing travel memories in 3D is the perfect way to convey the spirit of the visited place to your audience, giving them a glimpse of what it might be like to travel there. On top of that, 3D Views can help you freeze memories from a trip that you can look back on and enjoy for years. The 3DShot app allows you to create 3D Views of monuments, sculptures, and well-known exhibits. What’s more, you can create a panorama of any location like a museum, theatre, palace, and then show it to your acquaintances so they could feel the atmosphere of that place and see its every tiny detail.

Capture 3D Views of paintings

With the 3DShot app, you can digitize any painting in 3D, be it an exhibit from an art gallery, or your own picture. Every brushstroke, every layer of colour, every shadow on a piece of art is meaningful and symbolic. Interacting with the 3D View will allow your audience to take a closer look at every tiny detail of the picture and understand the artist’s message. Additionally, if you’re an artist, a 3D portfolio is a great way to showcase your pictures in the best possible way.

Create a panorama of your new apartment

Moved to a new apartment and want to showcase your new home to your friends or followers without inviting plenty of guests? This is where immersive content comes into play. A panorama of your apartment is the best and easiest way to show your new cosy home to lots of people at a time. Thanks to the interactive experience created with the 3DShot app, your friends will feel as if they are visiting your apartment right now. It comes in very handy when your loved ones are far away, or you have to maintain social distance due to the pandemic situation in your town.

Use the 3D format as an alternative to the usual Before and After images

If you’ve just started going to the gym, taking Before and After photos is a great way to watch your progress and get motivated. Unlike usual Before and After photos, 3D Views of body improvement will help you see progress from all angles of perception. Simply stand in the center of a room and ask your family member to open the 3DShot app and walk around you with the smartphone’s camera. Repeat this little ritual once a month and compare your 3D View images when you doubt your progress. It’s also possible to use 3D content to substitute Before and After photos in make-up tutorials or fashion makeovers.

Share your 3D View on dating websites

Showing that you’re such a great catch on a dating site is easier said than done. Holding a potential partner’s attention while texting is even more difficult. To interest your matches on dating websites, ask your friend to shoot a 3D View of you and share it with potential partners through messages to show how pretty, sporty or funny you are. Immersive content gives you more opportunities than usual images when it comes to expressing yourself and acting outside the box.

Capture your pet in the 3D format

Digitizing a pet in 3D is a challenge because animals are mobile and can’t pose for a long time. However, with time and patience, you can shoot a cute 3D View of your pet and be excited about how immersive content allows you to integrate with your dearest. Once you capture a 3D View of your pet, you can save it as a keepsake photo to your smartphone gallery or share it on social networks. Here are some examples of pets digitized in 3D.

Digitize handmade stuff in 3D

If making handmade goods is your hobby, the 3D View format is a perfect way to show handmade items to your friends. You can digitize any items in 3D like soft toys, handmade soap, candles, accessories, greeting cards, and home decor. Every detail is essential in handmade goods, and the 3D View format is the best way to show it from all angles of perception. To shoot your items with the 3DShot app, you’ll need only a beautiful surface and good lighting.

Shoot 3D Views of your meals

3DShot is also suitable for anyone who is keen on cooking and sharing their recipes on social media. 3D Views help your audience focus on the beautiful presentation of your dishes and make the dishes look even more delicious. If you take pride in the appealing presentation of your dishes , the 3D View will allow you to capture them from all angles of perception and recreate all their minor details in the future.

Shoot 3D Views of long-awaited events

3DShot allows you to capture anything you feel is important to remember. Immersive content is powerful enough to not only remind you of an event but can bring you right back to the feelings of the moment. There are so many wonderful events one can capture in the 3D format. With the 3DShot app, it’s easy to shoot a 3D View on a friend’s wedding day, your kid’s birthday, or your date with S.O. Creating immersive content is an engaging and funny process and a great way to entertain your beloved ones at important events. Just use your imagination to create outstanding 3D Views, and the memories of emotionally significant events will stay with you forever in the 3D format.

Digitize memorable things in 3D

Many people have an important material item in their life that they carry everywhere with them or store carefully in a memory box. These valued material items can be weird, but they remind us of beloved people, meaningful events, valuable life experiences, or our achievements. If you’re worried that you may lose this memorable thing one day or want to tell its story to your friends on social networks, you can create a 3D View of it, save it to your media gallery or share it online.

Create 3D Views of your daily routine

Wonderful little things surround us every day, and focusing on them helps us notice the world around us and stay in the moment. Make capturing immersive content a habit, shoot your daily routine with the 3DShot app, and your gallery will be full of creative content. Notice meaningful things you come across daily, save them in the 3D format and share your outstanding 3D Views online.

The 3DShot app is free of charge for personal use. Learn more about its capabilities on our official website: https://3dshot.io

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