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3DShot for students: how immersive technologies help students in both education and employment

The 3DShot mobile app lets you shoot any object in 3D/360 and share the result on websites, social networks, marketplaces, and classifieds. All you need to create interactive content with 3DShot is a good smartphone camera. Because the app is so simple to use, 3DShot is a perfect tool for anybody looking to create immersive content on the go. Let’s see how 3DShot can help students in education and employment.

#1 Create an immersive portfolio with the 3DShot app

A portfolio is an essential visual self-promotion tool for graduates in many industries. It showcases your work to potential employers during a job search and presents evidence of your relevant skills and abilities. A portfolio is particularly important for young creative professionals like artists and designers. As a rule, a digital portfolio includes still images or videos of a student’s works. However, these formats fail to showcase the presented objects from all angles of perception and don’t allow potential employers to have a good look at all the tiny details of your work.

Author of collection: Gleb Kosarev @_glebster_

This is where an immersive portfolio comes into play. For instance, in fashion, adding interactive content can help potential employers appreciate the pieces in detail, zoom in to see the quality of the materials, and better understand the designer’s vision. Students in Sculpture can also showcase their work from all angles and in all tiny details, getting a valuable competitive advantage in the labor market.

Creating immersive content used to be costly and thus inaccessible to the vast majority of students and recent graduates. The 3DShot mobile app is here to change that. With 3DShot, students can easily create and publish interactive 3D Views of their works. The user simply launches the app, circles the object, and 3DShot automatically creates a 3D View of the object. The resulting content is then saved in the Cappasity account, and the student can display it on their portfolio.

Watch how to shoot apparel on a model with the 3DShot app:

#2 Use 3DShot to make your presentation or public speech more engaging

Immersive content allows people to interact with digital objects and increases their involvement, meaning that 3D content is always more engaging for the audience than still images. That’s why 3D/360 content is a great way to attract and keep your listeners’ attention during public speeches or presentations at university seminars. For instance, Archeology students can create 3D Views of artifacts during training expeditions and then show them to those who couldn’t join the trip. On top of that, students of any department can embed interactive 3D Views into scientific works and studies to make them more engaging.

#3 Keep your university memories forever and shoot important events in 3D with 3DShot

Many adults rate university years as the best time of their lives so far and are eager to relive their university days. This time is full of events like concerts, trips, and parties. Creating immersive content during university days is a perfect way not only to remind you of that time but to bring you right back to the feelings of university years. Additionally, 3D shooting is an engaging and funny process and a great way to entertain fellow students at parties and other memorable events. Just use your imagination to create outstanding 3D Views, and the memories of emotionally significant events will stay with you forever in the 3D format.

Download the 3DShot app right now, and get the best out of the immersive technology:

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